Issue 2

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  • Issue number: 2

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Female Criminality in Eighteenth-Century Russia: Formulating a Research Problem Anastasia Vidnichuk Pages 5-20
Small Wars of the Great Powers: Charles Edward Callwell and the Russian Empire in Comparative Perspective Stanislav Malkin Pages 21-33
Diplomatic Activities of Councillors to the German Princes During the Thirty Years' War, 1618–1648 Arina Lazareva Pages 34-46
Swiss Colony Shabo (Shabag): The Way to Economic Success Anastasia V. Tikhonova Pages 47-60
Corruption Scandals During the Presidency of Ulysses Grant Tatiana Alent'yeva Pages 61-72
Count de Lubersac: Mission in Russia, 1916–1919 Andrey Pavlov Pages 73-85
The Genoa Conference of 1922 Through the Eyes of Russian Anarchists Vadim Damie Pages 86-99
Towards Rapallo: The Prospect of German-Soviet Rapprochement in the Conservative Opinion Journalism of Moeller van den Bruck Sergey Artamoshin Pages 100-107
The Formation of the “United Front” Policy of the Comintern and Soviet Foreign Policy of 1921–1922 Aleksander Shubin Pages 108-121
Integration of the USSR into the International Patent-Licensing System in the Context of International Technological Cooperation (1950s – early 1970s) Svetlana Zavodyuk / Sergey Zanin Pages 122-133
Sendero Luminoso in Peru: terror is revolution Andrey Schelchkov Pages 134-148
The Mulroney Government and the Problem of Sovereignty of Canada in the Arctic in 1980s Dmitry Volodin Pages 149-161
Saudi Arabia and Egypt: Two Pillars of the Middle East Tamara Naumenko / Kirill Timakhov Pages 162-177
Tensions Between Cuba and the USSR After the Cuban Missile Crisis: From International Politics to Political Economy Alexandra Arabadzhyan Pages 178-190
New Books on the Thirty Years’ War (A.Ju. Prokopjev. The Thirty Year’s War. Saint-Petersburg, 2020; Vor 400 Jahren. Der Dreißigjährige Krieg / Hrsg. R. Rebitsch, L. Hobelt, E.A. Schmidl. Innsbruck, 2019) Anton Korolenkov Pages 191-198
Great Britain in the “Balkan Labyrinth” on the Eve of the Great War (O.I. Aganson. In Search of Equilibrium: Great Britain and the “Balkan Labyrinth”, 1903–1914. Saint-Petersburg, 2022) Denis Rodin Pages 198-202
Museological Thought: the Origins (V.G. Ananyev. Institute of Art History as a Center of Museological Thought of Petrograd – Leningrad of the Late 1910s–1920s. Saint-Petersburg, 2021) Olga Tuminskaya Pages 203-207
Economic Causes of the Cold War (K.V. Minkova. Economic Origins of the Cold War: Soviet-American Economic Relations in 1943–1947. Saint-Petersburg, 2021) Irina Khruleva Pages 207-210
German History of the Twentieth Century in the Reflection of Russian Historical Memory (B.L. Khavkin, K.B. Bozhik. The Russian Mirror of German History. XX Century. Moscow, 2021) Vasily Chernoperov Pages 211-215
On the brink and beyond the brink of war. Conference at the Faculty of History of Moscow State University. Alexander Fomin Pages 216-219
All-Russian Conference of Africanists Aleksei Lazarev / Nikita Borkunov Pages 220-222

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