Issue 6

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  • Issue number: 6

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Modern History
The Fight against Corruption in New York in the 1870s Tatiana Alentieva Pages 3-16
XXth Century
Genesis of the Post-war International Trading System and the Vicissitudes of the Establishment of the ITO Andrey Sidorov Pages 17-36
The Birth of the Latvian State (to the 100th Anniversary of the First Republic) Renal'd Kh. Simonyan Pages 37-51
Between Havana and Moscow: The Cuban Revolution and the Split in the Latin American Lefts on the Question of Guerrilla Warfare Victor Jeifets / Lazar Jeifets Pages 52-67
Reform of the Soviet Occupation Policy in Germany at the Turn of 1946-1947 Elke Sherstyanoy Pages 68-88
Left Parties and Movements of Turkey of the 1960s and 1970s and Their Relation to Armed Forms of Struggle Levent Yanlik Pages 89-106
Current History
To Social and Class Changes in Eastern Europe after 1989 Natalya Korovitsyna Pages 107-117
Methodology. Historiography. Source Study.
To the 150 Anniversary of Studying of the French Revolution in Russia: from Guerrier to "New Russian School" Natalya Tanshina Pages 118-136
Four Years of Courage, Fortitude and Patience Oleg Romanko Pages 137-142
Documentary Essays
Helmut Kohl - Chancellor of German Unity Boris Petelin Pages 143-163
Michelle Bechelet – Twice President of Chile Emil Dabaghyan Pages 164-178
Pages of Cuban History: Carlos Manuel de Céspedes - the First President of the First Cuban Republic Ludmila Ivkina Pages 179-189
Once in May: what do the events of 1968 in France mean after half a century Ilya Rodin Pages 190-195
Book Reviews
V. V. Sogrin. Entsiklopediya istorii SSHA. M .: Ves' mir, 2018, 480 s. Vyacheslav Shacillo Pages 196-197
A. A. Poleshchuk. Georgiy Dimitrov. Dramaticheskiy portert v kraskakh epokhi. SPb.g: izd-vo «Aleteyya», 2018, 590 s Tatiana Volokitina Pages 198-203
I. V. Ignatchenko. Adol'f T'yer. Sud'ba frantsuzskogo liberala pervoy poloviny XIX veka. M .: izdatel'skiy dom «Delo», 2017, 464 s. Mariya Uvarova Pages 203-206
Scholarly Life
International Scientific Conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War Grigoriy Shkundin Pages 207-208
Conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War Alexandr Bogdashkin / Vjacheslav Teplukhin Pages 208-210

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