Issue 5

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  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The Anthropology of the Museum: the Conceptual Sphere of Ideas, Historical Dialogue and the Preservation of Value Constants (Materials of the “Round Table”) Boris I. Pruzhinin / Sergey Bogdanov / Nadezhda Vasilevich / Polina Vasineva / Alexey Gryakalov / Denis Ignatyev / Konstantin Isupov / Viacheslav Kozmin / Svetlana Martynova / Tatiana G. Shchedrina / Alexander Korolkov / Lev Letyagin / Valerij Monakhov / Anna Liashko / Larisa Nikiforova / Anna Stepanova / Larisa Tsvetkova / Tatiana Shomolova Pages 5-23
Posthumanism: The Overcoming and the Legacy of Postmodernism Aleksandr Pavlov Pages 24-35
Philosophy and Society
Social Archaization: Explication, Operationalization, Conceptualization Vladimir Przhilensky / Irina Przhilenskaya Pages 37-48
From Market to Bazaar: Metamorphosis of Commercialization of the Past in the Modern World Andrey Linchenko / Oksana Golovashina / Daniil Anikin Pages 49-58
Stanislav Andreski: Initial Assumptions of Sociology of Ignorance Viktor Makarenko Pages 59-69
Philosophy of the History of the European Union as a Dialectic of Existing and Due Marina Kukartseva / Elena Kolomoets Pages 70-80
Philosophy and Culture
The Aesthetic Consciousness of Alexander Blok Viktor Bychkov Pages 81-93
Poetic Paradox. Aesthetic Views of Charles Baudelaire and their Modern Sound Nadezhda Mankovskaya Pages 94-106
“New Historiography” by Liang Qichao Dmitry E. Martynov / Yulia Martynova Pages 107-117
Philosophy and Science
The Complimentarity of the Information Theory and the Identity Theory in Human Sciences Garai Laszlo Pages 118-123
Comments on L. Garai’s Article «Complimentarity of Information Theory and Identity Theory in Human Sciences » Vladislav Lektorsky Pages 124-127
The Complexity in the Historical and Philosophical Tradition: the Experience of Comprehension Pavel Opolev Pages 128-137
On Sociobiotechnical Systems Dmitriy Efremenko / Polina Ermolaeva / Oleg N. Yanitsky Pages 138-147
History of Philosophy
On the Unsublated and the Unovercome (J.G. Fichte, H. Girndt and neofichteanism) Nina Gromyko Pages 148-152
Philosophy of Light by Johann Gottlieb Fichte Nina Gromyko Pages 159-172
Ontology and Terminology in Sartre’s Being and Nothingness Part II. Being, Existence, Negation Victor Molchanov Pages 173-184
Substantiation of the difference between the real and intentional being in the ontology of Roman Ingarden Dmitriy Shtykov Pages 185-195
The Dispute on Animal: Hegel’s Theory оf Madness and Žižek’s «Failure» Anton Vavilov Pages 196-204
Academic Events
Synergetic philosophy of history today Mikhail Ignatyev / Eduard Karavaev / Sergey Orlov Pages 205-209
Ecology of the external and internal environment of the socio-natural system (review of the International Scientific Conference) Vitalij Ivlev / Marina Ivleva / Vladimir Falko Pages 210-214
Book Reviews
Revolution, evolution and dialogue of cultures Andreas Buller Pages 215-220
V.E. Penkov. Philosophical problems of the genesis, structure and content of modern cosmology Natalia Maltseva Pages 221-222

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