Issue 9

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  • Issue number: 9

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
A Manifesto for Re:emergent Philosophy Marietta Stepanyants Pages 5-12
Ethical Thought of Kazakh People as a Basis of the Spiritual Revival of the Country Gaukhar Barlybayeva / Abdumalik N. Nysanbayev Pages 13-19
Philosophy and Society
In Defense of Subjectivism (Social Reality, Social Activity, Social Epistemology) Anatoly Rakitov Pages 20-26
The Communicative Philosophy of Radical Protest, its Genesis and Positive Research Program Raisa Barash / Alexander Antonovskiy Pages 27-38
Philosophy and Science
Constructive Thinking: The Unaccounted Factor of Development Vladimir Volovik / Peter Shchedrovicky Pages 39-49
Calls Technologies ‘Big Data’ for the Modern Social Sciences and Humanities Elena Zhuravleva Pages 50-59
Philosophy, Religion, Culture
History of Philosophy of Religion in the Space of Trilemma Vladimir Shokhin Pages 60-74
“The Kingdom of God is Within You and Outside of You”. Semiosphere and the Matrix Arkady Kovelman Pages 75-89
Theology and Verification Konstantin Polskov Pages 90-100
Spiritual-moral Phenomenon of Passive Behavior in the Paradigm of Apocalyptic and Eschatological Concepts Nikolay Petev Pages 101-111
History of Russian Philosophy
On the Discussion about the Sociocultural Foundations of Russia's "Socialist Choice" in 1917. (The 100th Anniversary of the Polemics between G.V. Plekhanov and V.I. Lenin) Mikhail Kuzmin Pages 112-121
“Of course, to Think, it is Risk...” The Conversation of N.Kh. Orlova and N.V. Lossky Nadezhda Orlova Pages 122-129
Philosophy as Logic (By Century since Birth Vladimir Solomonovich Bibler) Anatoly Akhutin Pages 130-140
Theme of Other. Philosophical Ideas of Vladimir Bibler in the Context of the XX Century Grigory Gutner Pages 141-153
Bibler and “Zero Time” Svetlana Neretina Pages 154-160
History of Philosophy
“Vernunftlehre” and “Logic” in German Philosophy of the 18th Century and Logic Issues in the Age of Enlightenment. Part I Alexei Krouglov Pages 161-174
Kant’s Lecture Notes on Logic and Their Importance for Kant’s Practical Philosophy Studies Ludmila Kryshtop Pages 175-185
The Paradoxes of Wittgenstein’s “Lecture on Ethics” Sofia Danko Pages 186-196
Letters to Editors
Ability of Faith Vitalii Drobyshev Pages 197-206
The Myth as the Means of Sacralization of the Life World of Human Anatoly Maydanov Pages 207-214
Book Reviews
Review of the book: Chumakov A. Global World: Confrontation of Interest Gennady Rozenberg Pages 215-219
Review of the book: N. Gryakalov. Figures of Terror Konstantin Ocheretyany Pages 219-222

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