Issue 4

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  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The historian’s opinion
The extinct world of ancient Russian chronicles: a look today Varvara Vovina-Lebedeva Pages 3-27
Letopis and Svod: the Problems of Terminology Elena Konyavskaya Pages 27-33
The benefits of doubt: a look «from the inside» Igor Danilevskiy Pages 33-42
About some new approaches to the study of Rus annals Timofey Guimon Pages 42-46
The tasks of publishing Russian chronicles Alexey Sirenov Pages 46-53
Source studies
Economic and political consequences of the struggle of Prince Svyatoslav for domination in Eastern Europe (according to the treasures of the kufic dirhams) Vladimir Pashinskiy Pages 54-65
History of power
Scandinavians in Eastern Europe: from spontaneous flow to government regulation Elena Melnikova Pages 66-81
«Zakon sudnyi lyudem» and the Byzantine Eclogue in the light of medieval legal traditions Mikhail Bibikov Pages 82-91
Rostov land, Suzdal and Vladimir principality in the 11th – early 13th century Vladimir Kuchkin Pages 92-115
Political development of Galicia-Volyn Rus in 1240–1340 and relationship with the Horde Pyotr Stefanovich Pages 116-134
Professional community
S.A. Belokurov master’s degree Andrey Bogdanov Pages 135-147
Textbooks on the history of the Cossacks and some problems of modern historiography Nikolay Nikitin Pages 148-164
The study of Russian history in China in the 20th century guangxiang zhang Pages 165-177
Discussing recent books
The book «smells of human flesh» Sergey Kondratiyev Pages 178-181
War of everyone against everyone Oleg Leybovich Pages 181-184
The book sets one thinking Alexandr Dubrovskiy Pages 184-187
Are conclusions drawn? Mikhail Kovalev Pages 187-190
It is mandatory to be extremely delicate and cautious in one’s conclusions Lyubov' Sidorova Pages 191-197
Fundamentally new conceptual picture Mikhail Bazanov Pages 197-203
Rec. ad op.: Istoriya Kryma. 2 vol. Moscow, 2017 Vadim Trepavlov Pages 204-207
Russian Empire in the first academic «History of Crimea» Vladimir Kalinovsky Pages 208-211
Crimea in the 20th – the beginning of the 21st century Dina Amanzholova Pages 212-215
W.K. Hanak. The Nature and the Image of Princely Power in Kievan Rus’, 980–1054. A Study of Sources. Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2014. XVIII, 203 p. Anton Korolenkov Pages 215-221
Rec. ad op.: D.G. Dityatkin. Problema obrazovaniya Drevnerusskogo gosudarstva Aleksandr Chernykh Pages 221-223
History of the Vologda Bishop's house: new sources Irina Ustinova / Irina Shamina Pages 223-231

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