Issue 5

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  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Source Studies
Rostislavichi of Smolensk and Their Possessions in the Early Chronicle Elena Konyavskaya Pages 3-8
«Gosudar’» or «Gospodar’» About One Element of the Titulature of the Rulers of Moscow Rus Alexandr Avdeev Pages 9-16
History of Power
Judicial Activity of the Posolsky Prikaz (on the Materials of the Second Half of the 17th Century) Andrey Guskov Pages 17-24
Peoples and Spaces
Mutual Relations of the Free Cossacks and the Russian State in the 16th – early 18th Centuries: Historiographical Approaches and Historical Realities Nikolay Nikitin Pages 25-35
Cossacks and Konskription, 1860s–1870s Alexey Volvenko Pages 36-45
«The Moral Caucasus» of I. P. Kornilov Aleksandr Kotov Pages 46-59
Outposts of the Russian State on the Mongolian Frontier: from Siberian Stockades to a State Border with the Qing Empire Boris Bazarov / A. Gombozhapov / Evgeniy Nolev Pages 60-66
Pastoral economy of Aginsky Buryats in the second half of 19th – beginning of 20th centuries Nikolay Kradin Pages 67-76
Buddhists and Soviet State in 1946–1960s Aleksej Gorbatov Pages 77-88
Russia and the World
The Last Days of German Empire in Reports of the Soviet Ambassador Adolf Joffe (October 1918) Alexander Vatlin Pages 89-104
Institutes and Communities
The activities of the Red Sport International in 1933–1937 Anna Khorosheva Pages 105-115
Glavlit and popular science journalism in the Soviet Union in the second half of the 1960s and beginning of 1970s Vladimir Komissarov Pages 116-127
Professional Community
Politics of Memory and Historical Science Dmitry Efremenko / Olga Malinova / Aleksey Miller Pages 128-140
S. G. Svatikov and the Origin of the «Protocols of the Elders of Zion» Lyubov Bibikova Pages 141-157
In the Circle of Katkov Alexandr Polunov Pages 160-161
Discussing Recent Books
“Royal Way” by Mikhail Katkov Aleksandr Kotov Pages 158-159
On the Essence of Katkovism Maxim Medovarov Pages 161-166
Surrounded by Like-Minded People Anna Komzolova Pages 166-170
Bureaucracy and Katkov Andrey Mamonov Pages 170-176
Rec. ad op.: Slovar’ knizhnikov i knizhnosti Drevney Rusi. Vyp. 4: Ukazateli. Saint Petersburg, 2017 Stepan Shamin Pages 177-181
Rec. ad op.: V. V. Penskoy. Ocherki istorii Livonskoy voyny: Ot Narvy do Fellina. 1558–1561 gg. Moscow, 2017 Konstantin Erusalimskiy Pages 182-185
Rec. ad op.: A. V. Belyakov. Sluzhashchie Posol’skogo prikaza 1645–1682 gg. Saint Petersburg, 2017 Zinaida Oborneva Pages 185-187
Rec. ad op.: Dvoriane Moskvy: svadebnye akty i dukhovnye zaveshchania petrovskogo vremeni Galina Ulianova Pages 188-192
Olonets province under the rule of the governors-general in 1820–1830 Olesya Plekh Pages 192-194
Gendarmes and «moral control» over the life of Russian society Grigory Bibikov Pages 195-197
A new book about Prince V.P. Meshchersky Andrey Minakov Pages 197-199
Friend of the Tsar’s sons Fyodor Melentiev Pages 199-203
Atypical conservative Dmitriy Andreev Pages 203-207
Rec. ad op.: R. Dmowski. Germania, Rossiia i Pol’skiy vopros. Saint Petersburg, 2017 Alexey Vasiliev Pages 207-211
Rec ad op.: Etnicheskiie elity v natsional’noy politike Rossii. Moscow; Saint Petersburg, 2018 Vitaliy Tikhonov Pages 212-214
Prisoners of war in the camps of Soviet Estonia Evgeniy Guriev Pages 215-217
Rec. ad op.: Poslednee desiatiletie sotcializma: Transformatcionnye protcessy v GDR i v Sovetskom Soiuzе. Sbornik statey. Moscow, 2016 Alexandr Fokin Pages 218-221
Rec. ad op.: Rossiia i slavyanskiy mir v voynakh i konfliktakh XIX–XX vekov. Sbornik statey. Moscow, 2018 Milana Zivanovic Pages 221-223
Centenary of Lev Nikitich Pushkarev Olga Ageeva / Alexandr Kantor / Anatoliy Ivanov Pages 224-229

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