Issue 9

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  • Issue number: 9

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
On the 90th Anniversary of I.T. Frolov. Ivan T. Frolov – It’s Necessary to Start from the Beginning Galina Belkina / Maria I. Frolova Pages 5-13
Hermeneutic Tradition in Russia: Current Context and Resent Problems (The “Round Table” Materials)
Philosophy as the Ultimate Hermeneutic Interpretation and Dialogue of Cultures Vladimir Mironov Pages 14-17
The Role of G. G. Shpet in the Formation of the Hermeneutic Tradition in Russia Valery Kuznetsov Pages 18-22
Hermeneutics in Russia: Russian translations of Plato of the XIX century Roman Svetlov Pages 23-27
Organic Criticism in the Russian Intellectual Culture in the 19th Century Elena Motovnikova Pages 28-31
Philosophy and Society
Algorithm and Freedom: to a Question of the Fate of Humanitarian Culture Elena Zolotuhina-Abolina Pages 32-39
Systemic Crisis of the Society and the State of Postcapitalism Aleksander Shchipkov Pages 40-49
Philosophy, Religion, Culture
«Тemptation» of Michel Foucault and Sufi’s Wanderings of «Historian» Nargis Nurulla-Khodzhaeva Pages 50-63
Philosophical Phenomenology of Religion (M. Scheler, A. Reinach, E. Stein) in Context of Religious Modernism Alexander Koltsov Pages 64-74
On the Theory of Traductological Relativity Suren T. Zolyan Pages 75-86
“If There is God, everything is Lawful” (Dostoevsky’s Central Meta-theme in Contemporary European Psychoanalytic Philosophy) Sergej Kibalnik Pages 87-97
Philosophy and Science
The Fate of Science (several remarks to abolished lectures by F. Dyson and I.R. Shafarevich) Alexey Parshin Pages 98-107
The Place of historical Science in the System of contemporary Knowledge Kseniya Khvostova Pages 108-117
Space-Time in the Modern Scientific Picture of the World (to the 100th Anniversary of the Gravitational Waves Prediction) Larisa Minasyan / Vitali Beylin / Olga Leshcheva Pages 118-129
The anthropic principle in the science of sports Yuri Petrunin Pages 130-140
History of Russian Philosophy
The Mission of the Intelligentsia in the Journalism of the Russian Opposition Movement (1882–1909) Veronika Sharova Pages 141-149
K. N. Leontiev and I. I. Fudel: the Question of Continuity Nadezda Vinyukova Pages 150-161
Alexey F. Losev on Goethe’s Theory of Colors, the Tragedy “Faust” and the Novel “The Sorrows of Young Werther” Elena Takho-Godi Pages 162-172
German Annotations to A.F. Losev’s four books of the 1920s Petr Rezvykh Pages 173-197
Ethics of transformed Eros in the context of Russian philosophy and literature Anastasia Gacheva Pages 198-209
Letter to Editors
Jan Patočka on F.M. Dostoevsky’s Philosophy Yulia Scherbina Pages 210-218
Book Reviews
Anthropology of Peter: Lev Vygotsky witnessed by Peter Schedrovitsky Alexander Asmolov Pages 219-222

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