Issue 4

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  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Philosophy, Religion, Culture
Silence in the Dialogue as a Problem of the Philosophy of Education Andrey Korol Pages 6-11
Capitalism and Democracy Alexander Kerimov Pages 12-23
The Existentials Theory of M. Heidegger and M. Boss and the Analysis of Human Existence in the Conditions of Electronic Culture Liudmila Baeva Pages 24-33
Materialization of Thought in the Language and Drawing Lyudmila Markova Pages 34-44
Philosophy and Science
On Schematization, Artificial Languages and Subject Closure of a Philosophic and of a Scientific Discourses Taras Shiyan Pages 45-57
Interpretation of the Several Corollaries of the Second Law of Thermodynamics in the Context of Relevant Physical Research Ivan Karpenko Pages 58-68
To the 140th Anniversary of Gustav Gustavovich Shpet
The Translation Issue in Gustav Shpet: History, Criticism, Practice Natalia S. Avtonomova Pages 69-78
The Fate of Gustav Shpet’s translation of The Phenomenology of Spirit (Methodological Remarks) Tatiana G. Shchedrina Pages 79-93
History of Russian Philosophy
Stages of a Big Path: 1917 as a Landmark of the Historical Decline of Russia Sergey Horujy Pages 94-107
Soviet Platonism (II): Platonical Features of Soviet Reality by A.F. Losev Yuriy Putschaev Pages 108-117
History of Chinese Philosophy
The Comparative Analysis of the Buddhism and Ancient Chinese Culture Principles Ilya Kanaev Pages 118-129
On the historical and cultural context of the forming of the Li family legend Alexander Zelnitskiy Pages 130-137
“Female Practice of the Internal Alchemy” in the Seven Poems of Sun Bu-er Irina Belaya Pages 138-152
Li Zhi «Discourse on Husband and Wife» (Fu fu lun): Two against One or Yin-Yang vs. the Supreme Ultimate Nikolai Rudenko Pages 153-165
Vision as a Speculum: European Visual Theories, and Jesuit Artists’ Accomodative Style in China Dinara Dubrovskaya Pages 166-172
Letters to Editors
Matetika and the Future of Pedagogy: a Parodoxological Approach to Analysis of Problems Considered at the Conference Valery Meskov Pages 173-184
Consciousness as an Archivist. On the Way to Psychomatics: the Discipline that Discovers New Intellectual and Spiritual Functions Yuri Gromyko Pages 185-195
East, Russia, West and Slavdom: the Problems of World Geopolitics Konstantin Dolgov Pages 196-212
Academic Events
Three Centuries of Christian Enlightenment in Russia: Becoming of Russian Europeanism (from the Reforms of Peter the Great to the Neoreligious Renaissance of the Beginning of the Twentieth Century) (Conference Review) Ilya I. Pavlov Pages 213-216
Book Reviews
Kryukov V.V. Axiology Sum: monograph Vladimir Ignatyev Pages 217-220

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