Issue 3

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Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Vyacheslav S. Styopin. In Memoriam
Vyacheslav S. Styopin (August 19th, 1934 – December 14th, 2018) Andrey Smirnov / Vladislav Lektorsky / Andrey Kokoshin / Valery Makarov / Vladimir Mironov / Alexandr Chumakov / Alexander Danilov / Vladimir I. Arshinov / Lev Tomilchik / Abdusalam Huseynov / Vladimir Budanov Pages 5-14
About the XXIV World Philosophical Congress
Learning to Be Human in the Global World (Resuming of the XXIV World Philosophical Congress) Alexandr Chumakov / Andrey Korolev Pages 15-21
Learning to Be Human Marietta Stepanyants Pages 22-32
International Congress of Philosophy as a phenomenon of Another Globalization Boris I. Pruzhinin / Tatiana G. Shchedrina Pages 33-39
First International Philosophical Congress in letters of organizers and participants (At the beginning of the intellectual community of the XXth century) Tatiana G. Shchedrina / Irina O. Shchedrina Pages 40-45
Philosophy, Religion, Culture
Christianity as a Problem Gregory Kiselev Pages 46-55
Exaltation, Burnt Offering and Binding. On the Genealogy of Holocaust Arkady Kovelman Pages 56-68
Problems of religion in the sociology and philosophy of Pitirim Sorokin Igor Yablokov Pages 69-76
Eclectic Phenomenology of Religion: The Case of G. van der Leeuw Tatiana Samarina Pages 77-85
The Meaning of The Notion Hō in 26th Volume of Konjaku Monogatari Shū* Maya Babkova Pages 86-97
Regular Miracles: Buddhist View of the Wondrous in Konjaku monogatari-shū. Part II Nadezhda N. Trubnikova Pages 98-109
Philosophy and Science
The Algebra of Cogito Vadim Petrovsky Pages 110-121
Diversity of approaches towards comprehension of realism Review Article on the book “Perspectives of Realism in Modern Philosophy” Valentin Bazhanov / Elena Kudryashova Pages 122-130
History of Russian Philosophy
The Diary of Leo Tolstoy and Category of “Religious Experience” Yuri Orekhanov Pages 131-141
The Relation between Bakhtin's Polyphonic Novel and Musical Polyphony (Notes to the problem) Lyudmila Gogotishvili Pages 142-156
In memory of a teacher, colleague, friend Petr Kondrashov Pages 157-158
History of Philosophy
The Faults in the World-Machine? The Problem of “Hybrid” Monsters in the Natural Philosophic Discussions in the Age of Mechanicism Anton Karabykov Pages 159-171
Vernunftlehre and Logik in German Philosophy of the 18th Century and Logic Issues in the Age of Enlightenment* Part II Alexei Krouglov Pages 172-187
The ‘Sophist’ and ‘Professor of Misosophy’: G.E. Schulze’s Role in Schopenhauer‘s ‘Raising to Philosophy’ Alexandr Sattar Pages 188-198
Letters to Editors
Concerning New and Old Ontologies: Meillassoux, Badiou and the Rejection of the Classical Concepts Dmitry Fedchuk Pages 199-205
Philosophy of Postmodernism and Popular Culture Aleksandr Pavlov Pages 206-214
Book Reviews
A.F. Losev. Nicholas of Cusa in Translations and Commentaries Teresa Obolevich Pages 215-217
The Sutra of the Perfection of Wisdom in Eight Thousand Lines Leonid Yangutov Pages 217-219

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