Issue 4

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  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Collectivisation's Influence on Russian History of the 20th Century Viktor Kondrashin Pages 3-13
The Historian's Opinion
On the Question of the Preconditions for Collectivization: the Mood of Workers of Grassroots Party and Soviet Structures during the NEP Hiroshi Okuda Pages 14-16
Аgrarian Policy of Stalinism: Collective Farm Life after Collectivization Gennadiy Kornilov Pages 17-23
«Zakroma Rodiny»: to the Question of the State Reserve of Bread in Soviet Russia (1917–1953) Vasiliy Popov Pages 24-34
History of Power
The Daily Service Routine of the Samara Region Revolutionary Tribunal Officials during the Civil War Pavel Mistryugov Pages 35-42
Сomplete Investigative Forgery as a Tool of the Great Terror Anton Shchelkunov Pages 43-57
Soviet ministries and decentralization of economic administration during the Great Patriotic War Oleg Khlevnyuk Pages 58-72
The Secret Provision on the KGB at the Council of Ministers of the USSR in 1959: an Attempt to Create a Legal Basis for the Activities of Special Services Aleksey Pozharov Pages 73-82
Source Studies
Notebooks of «All Sorts of Cases» in the Orderly Management Olga Novokhatko Pages 83-89
Institutes and Communities
«We Brought a Hundred Rubles in Money from the Ustyug People»: Zemsky Worlds and Central Authority in the Moscow State of the 1610s–1620s Dmitriy Liseitsev Pages 90-110
Local Trading in Suzdal in the 17th Century Mikhail Bulgakov Pages 111-120
Moscow Merchants of Gypsy Origin in the late 18th – early 19th Century Oleg Lariushkin Pages 121-127
Scandal and Politics in Imperial Russia
Failed Dueling of P.N. Miliukov Andrei Ivanov Pages 128-142
The First Publications about Grigory Rasputin in the Russian Press (end of 1909 – beginning of 1910) Daniel Kotsyubinsky Pages 143-151
The Emergence of the «Sukhomlinov Commission» Artem Feklistov Pages 152-159
Man in the Stream of Time
A.A. Mikulin and the Realization of the Factory Legislation in Russia, 1882–1917 Sergey Glazunov Pages 160-169
Professional Community
Bank Credit in the Russian Empire in 1860–1914: Contemporary Concepts and New Data Sofya Salomatina Pages 170-187
E.N. Marasinova. «Zakon» i «grazhdanin» v Rossii vtoroy poloviny XVIII veka: Ocherki istorii obshchestvennogo soznaniya Nataliya Kozlova Pages 188-192
V.N. Nikulin. Krestianskie promysly na Severo-Zapade Rossii (vtoraya polovina XIX – nachalo XX veka) Mikhail Rodnov Pages 192-193
T.M. Kitanina. Rossiia v Pervoy mirovoy voine 1914–1917 gg.: ekonomika i ekonomicheskaia politika. Kurs lektsiy. Saint Petersburg, 2016 Irina Pushkareva Pages 194-197
A.A. Ivanov. Vyzov natsionalizma: Lozung «Rossiia dlya russkikh» v dorevoliutsionnoy obshchestvennoy mysli Aleksey Ipatov Pages 198-199
«1920» and «Three Capitals» of V. V. Shulgin: a New Edition Anton Chemakin Pages 199-204
From Siberia to the Crimea... White's denunciations? Aleksandr Puchenkov Pages 204-207
H. Rappaport. Caught in the Revolution: Petrograd, Russia, 1917 – A World on the Edge Nikolai Mikhalev / Natalia Surzhikova Pages 208-2012
The New Research about Party and Government Oleg Kapchinskiy Pages 213-214

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