ISSN: 0869-544X

Chief Editor:  Robinson Mihail Andreevich 

Co-Founder:  Institute for Slavic Studies, RAS.

Address: Leninsky ave.,32а, 119334, Moscow, Russia

Tel.:  8 (495) 938-01-20



The Journal Impact Factor:  0,111 РИНЦ

The Journal «Slavianovedenie» (“Slavic studies”) - the only journal in the country devoted to the problems of Slavic studies, was founded in 1965. The journal’s publications are mainly devoted to the issues of medieval Slavic history and culture, literature and linguistics. 

Editorial staff: Robinson Mihail Andreevich (Doctor of Sciences(History)); Stykalin Aleksandr Sergeevich (Candidate of Historical Sciences, Executive secretary); Adel'gejm Irina Evgen'evna (Doctor of Sciences (Philosophy)); Valencova Marina Mihajlovna (Candidate of Philosophical Sciences); Venediktov Grigorij Kupriyanovich (Doctor of Sciences (Philosophy), Foreign member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences); Gippius Aleksej Alekseevich (Doctor of Sciences (Philosophy), a corresponding member of the RAS); Kosik Viktor Ivanovich (Doctor of Sciences(History)); Leskinen Mariya Vojttovna (Doctor of Sciences(History)); Matveev Gennadij Filippovich (Doctor of Sciences(History)); Mochalova Viktoriya Valentinovna (Candidate of Philosophical Sciences); Nikiforov Konstantin Vladimirovich (Doctor of Sciences(History)); Petruhin Vladimir Yakovlevich (Doctor of Sciences(History)); Florya Boris Nikolaevich ((Doctor of Sciences(History), a corresponding member of the RAS); Havanova Ol'ga Vladimirovna (Doctor of Sciences(History)).

Departmental manager: I.E. Adel'gejm (Department of literature), O.V. Belova (Department of culturology), M.M. Valencova (Department of linguistic), A.S. Stykalin (History Department).

Managing editor: G.A. Miheeva.

Executive secretary: A.S. Stykalin.


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