Issue 3

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  • Issue number: 3

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The Polish section of the Communist International from Marshal Pilsudski's coup d’etat to the Great Purge Nataliya Lebedeva / Nataliya Terehova Pages 5-19
General F.E. Makhin during the Second world war in Yugoslavia Andrey Ganin Pages 20-35
Ethnic composition of the population in Istria from the end of XIX till the beginning of XX century Aleksandr Pivovarenko Pages 36-49
The evolution of Leon Wasilewski’s views on the Belorussian issue Daria Korotkova Pages 50-56
Utopianism in the novel of M. Majerová «Republic Square» Anna Amelina Pages 57-63
Contact phenomena in the language of the ethnic Czechs in Serbian Banat Sergey Borisov Pages 64-79
Ethnolinguistic expedition to Mijačija (North Macedonia) Aleksandra Chivarzina Pages 80-88
International component eco- in the composition of complex words in the Czech language Olga Cherchuk Pages 89-93
«True Slavism» of young V. I. Lamansky and the polemics with A. S. Pushkin (late 1850-s) Sergey Seliverstov Pages 94-103
«In Odessa we were with friends but here are always with strangers»: letters of I.V. Yagich to Odessa scholars V. Levchenko Pages 104-120
The history of Russian XIX–XX century public thought in the scientific legacy of Andrzej Walicki Boris Nosov Pages 121-132
The work of a historian. In memoriam of V. S. Parsadanova Albina Noskova Pages 133-142
J. Pirjevec. Tito and his comrades Boris Novoseltsev Pages 143-146
A. GAEVSKAYA. The Holocaust and the stars. The Past in Stanislav Lem's prose Irina Adelgeim Pages 147-149
Br. Balloch. Lučice na oknach: naš sviet pouan naposebnosti (il nostro mondo pieno di meraviglia) Maria Yasinskaya Pages 150-153
N. V. YAKOVENKO. Literary translation from related languages in the history of Belarusian literature Maria Lamm Pages 154-156
For the anniversary of Vladimir Antonovich Dybo I. Pekunova Pages 157-158
Remembering Mikhail Abramovich Birman (1919–2020) Tatjana Volokitina Pages 159-161

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