Issue 6

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  • Issue number: 6

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Polesian-Carpathian parallels in the sphere of mythological concepts of folklore motives. Part 3. Subject, actional and verbal amulets Ludmila Vinogradova / Svetlana Tolstaya Pages 3-14
Serb folk mythology in its areal aspects Anna Plotnikova Pages 15-27
East-Slavic charms in the materials of the Russian Geographic Society: publications and unpublished materials Tatyana Agapkina Pages 28-40
Eastern-European folklore in Eurasian context Yuri Berezkin Pages 41-55
Sorbian folk demonology Aleksandr Gura Pages 56-74
Bishop Methodius Filimonovich in exile: to the history of the last decade of his life in Moscow Kirill Kochegarov Pages 75-82
Semantic Proto-Slavic words *bedro and *stegno and their continuants Mikhail Saenko Pages 83-97
Isoglosses of lexemes of Proto-Slavic origin in the Serbian-Croatian areal Ekaterina Yakushkina Pages 98-110
To the history of perception of the work of Leo Tolstoy in Romania (Russian diplomatic dispatches from Bucharest, 1902) F. Solomon Pages 111-118
Cyril and Method traditions in Bessarabia in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries I. Duminica Pages 119-131
A. MICHALEC, St. NIEBRZEGOWSKA-BARTMINSKA. "How the peasant borrowed money": Polish folk demonology in oral transmission (Ethnolinguistic materials – 3). Ludmila Vinogradova Pages 132-135
The XXIIIrd round table on the Slavic dialectology Tatyana Kurokhtina Pages 136-139
To the jubilee of Miroslav Daniš Galina Rokina Pages 140-140

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