Issue 2

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  • Issue number: 2

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The Second Statute of Lithuania about the inter-confessional relations in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Boris Florya Pages 3-7
The genesis of anabaptism in the Kingdom of Poland and in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 1550–1560 Konstantin Konoplyanko Pages 8-25
The composition and size of the Russian army in the Chudnovsky campaign of 1660 Igor Babulin Pages 26-42
The attempt to capture Poznan in 1704 made by the Saxon-Russian-Polish troops of Johann Rheingold Patkul K. Kościelniak Pages 43-55
The Field Hetman of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Hrehory Ogiński and tsar Peter I in the late 1708 – first part of 1709 Kirill Kochegarov Pages 56-79
The mystery of Francis Skorina and the source of the Ostrog Bible Vasiliy Kalugin Pages 80-92
The topos of consolatio mortis in the writings of Symeon of Polotsk: some hallmarks of the sources for the inspiration of the theologian Margarita Korzo Pages 93-101
Russian folk demonology and its regional features. Part I. The spirits of nature and house locuses. The personification of death and diseases Ludmila Vinogradova Pages 102-114
The integration of “Little Russia” and its status in the works of G. F. Karpov (1839–1890) Yakov Lazarev / Vladislav Ivshin Pages 115-130
The pilgrimage of heroes of the Kiev-Pechersk paterikon (based on textual edition from 1661) Julia Rostovtseva Pages 131-135
J. Barton, R. Dittmann. Český obrozenec překládá Písmo: překladatelské dílo Františka Novotného z Luže – edice Janova evangelia Inna Verner Pages 136-138
The conference “Laugh and humor in Slavic and Jewish culture” Irina Kopchenova Pages 139-141

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