Issue 1

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Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
South slavs in the early twentieth century: perspectives and complications of scholarly analysis Nikita Gusev Pages 3-14
Opening of the Romanian Front in the late 1916: the policy of mutual compromise between the Entente allies in the East Maksim Oskin Pages 15-25
Nikolai Mogiliansky on the «Ukrainian question» and the revolution in Russia Elena Borisenok Pages 26-38
Dramaturgy by Frank Wollman and the Russian theatre А. Zelenkova Pages 39-46
Worlds of Croatian director Oliver Frlić, a theatre provocateur and truth-seeker Viktor Kosik Pages 47-55
The «Russian project» of Hetman Pavel Skoropadsky: Yekaterinoslav experience (November – December 1918) Andrey Ganin Pages 56-61
Archaic figurativity in the poetics of the Byelorussian-Polish-Lithuanian borderland literature (in the texts of Grodno region authors after World War Two) M. Lamm Pages 62-67
Concerning the political character of the anti-Fascist Resistance in Poland in World War Two and historic significance of the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 Albina Noskova / Boris Nosov Pages 68-80
The problems of national identity of the emigration in the countries of Central and South-Eastern Europe (1917 – the early 1950s). Based on the materials of the conference Tatyana Pokivailova / Sergei Sloistov Pages 81-95
The end of the All-Slavic Committee A. Zaitsev Pages 96-102
From the History of Slavic Studies
Vladimir I. Lamansky in the university Alexey Malinov / Victor A. Kupriyanov Pages 103-118
1000 years together: key moments in the history of Russia and Greece. Collection of articles Anna Aleksandrova Pages 119-121
Excerpts of Czech Chicago. Publication of historical documents of the Czech community in Chicago 1848-1918 K. Popov Pages 122-123
The Soviet Union and the Polish military-political underground. April 1943-December 1945 v3 i.e. 1. April 1943-August 1944 Part 1. April 1943-March 1944 Yury Borisenok Pages 124-126
Folkprose of Aktsyabrshchyny Olga Belova Pages 127-130
Scholarly Life
International scholarly conference «Twenty years of the Ruthenian studies in Slovak universities» Mikhail Dronov Pages 131-132

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