Issue 4

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  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Archbishop Lazar Baranovich and Moscow Bells in Monasteries of Chernigov Land in 1680–1690s Kirill Kochegarov Pages 5-30
Pronouns той, тая, тое in the Church Slavonic Translation of the New Testament by Epiphanius Slavinetsky and Euthymius Chudovsky Inna Verner Pages 31-46
N.I. Tolstoy and Slavo-Serbian Literature Anna Kretschmer Pages 47-64
Holidays Among Russian Emigration in Czechoslovakia in 1920‒1940s Elena Serapionova Pages 65-77
Alexander M. Fyodorov in the Works of Bulgarian Writer Stilian Chilingirov Hristo Manolakev Pages 78-90
Central Europe as a Myth and Model in the Texts of Czesław Miłosz, Milan Kundera and Danilo Kiš Dmitry Polyakov Pages 91-108
The Film «Against all Odds» by Yuri Ilyenko at the Crossroads of Cultures Denis Viren Pages 109-119
Hussism as Evaluated by the Petersburg Slavophiles (From I.S. Palmov’s Letters to V.I. Lamansky) Alexey Malinov Pages 120-139
On the Centenary of the Birth of Miroslav Yanakiev Irina Sedakova Pages 140-143
В. Ferenčuhová. Bohdan Pavlů: A Political Biography (1883–1938). Bratislava: VEDA, Publishing House of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Institute of History of the Slovak Academy of Sciences , 2021. 512 p. Nikolay Stankov Pages 144-147
A.V. Martynyuk. Before Herberstein. Austria and Eastern Europe in the System of Personal Ties and Cultural Contacts (13th ‒ early 16th Century). Moscow: Quadriga, 2019. 574 p. Bibl. Mikhail Dmitriev Pages 148-150
M. Zivanovic. And the Cross and the Pentacle. Russian Burial Complexes in Yugoslavia in the 20th Century. Belgrade, The Institute for recent history of Serbia, 2020. 568 p. Andrey Ganin Pages 151-154
International Scientific Conference «The Problem of Diplomatic Recognition of the Soviet State by the Countries of the Central and South-Eastern Europe (1920–1940-s). To the 100th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rapallo and the Formation of the USSR» Julia Lobacheva Pages 155-156
On the Anniversary of Valeria Sergeevna Efimova Daria Vashchenko Pages 157-159

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