Issue 4

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  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The political elite of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Russia in 1673 Boris Floria Pages 3-9
Canvas books of the Old-Believer artisan Maxim from the 1820s Vasily Kalugin / Nikolay Denisov Pages 10-26
Concerning the formation of old-Slavic compound words Valeriya Efimova Pages 27-39
The Russian garrison in Hadyach in 1664–1668 (an episode of the Russian military-administrative presence-making in Ukraine) Vladimir Velikanov Pages 40-48
Once again about Jan Sobieski, Vasily Tyapkin and the Baltic policy Arseniy Bogatyrev Pages 49-53
Lübeck, or no Lübeck: Fedor Moroshkin in search of Russia on the Oder. Rybalka Andrey Pages 54-61
Memory about the Russians in Banja Luka (from biographies) Victor Kosik Pages 62-73
Ivan Bunin and Russian Scientific Institute in Belgrade (to the history of unfulfilled cooperation) Bakuntsev Anton Pages 74-80
World War One prisoners of war of Slavic origin in Simbirsk governorate (on the materials of the State Archive of Ulyanovsk Oblast) B. Dulatov Pages 81-90
Semiotics and myths of the ancient Slavs in the work of Vyacheslav Vsevolodovich Ivanov (in memoriam of the scholar) Vladimir Petrukhin Pages 91-96
Icelandic strand and Ancient Rus: in memoriam of Elena Aronovna Gurevich Petrukhin Vladimir Pages 97-102
N.F. Kotlyar. Specific fragmentation of Russia D. Borovkov Pages 103-105
M.Yu. Lermontov in the culture of the western and southern Slavs. M., 2016. 418 p. A. Peskova Pages 106-110
Cultural and scientific heritage of Russian emigration in the Czechoslovak Republic: documents and materials Valery Gusev Pages 111-113
International conference «Prohibitions and prescriptions in the Slavic and Jewish cultural traditions» I. Kopchenova Pages 114-118
Concerning the review of Tatyana Tairova-Yakovleva on the edition «Correspondence of the Hetmans of Left-bank Ukraine with Moscow and St. Petersburg 1654–1764» Kirill Kochegarov / E. Rychalovsky Pages 119-122
To the jubilee of Boris Nikolaevich Floria G. Melnikov Pages 123-124
To the jubilee of Hans Rothe Zh. Nekrashevich-Korotkaya Pages 125-126
To the jubilee of Miodrag Sibinović A. Bazilevsky Pages 127-129
In memoriam of Andrey Anatolyevich Zaliznyak (1935–2017) S. Tolstaya Pages 130-133

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