Issue 5

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  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Russian diplomats’ correspondence on the position of Greece and Russia on the eve of the First Balkan War Olga Sokolovskaya Pages 3-15
The theme of World War One in the work of Slovak writers: from diary notes to artistic reflexion Ludmila Shirokova Pages 16-23
Events of 1939 in the Czechoslovak history in the materials of the People’s Commissariat for International Affairs (NKID) Elena Serapionova Pages 24-36
Germany and the USSR in 1933–1939: from programme statement to tactical trick Sergey Sluch Pages 37-57
Talk between the member of Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist party of China with Kliment Voroshilov on the situation in Yugoslavia in April 1957 I. Selivanov Pages 58-65
Perception of the host country during the conflict: Czechoslovakia in 1968 through the eyes of Soviet soldiers E. Kamenskaya Pages 66-77
D.I. Semiz – a Serbian patriot and Russian public figure Goryainov Andrey Pages 78-83
Donation for Serbia in 1915: participation of Simbirsk Sergei Seryagin Pages 84-86
Ales Chorbat and his «Kresology» («the Land of St. Lucas») Maria Lamm Pages 87-94
Color terms in the nomination of plants in the Southern Serbian, Western Bulgarian and Macedonian dialects Chivarzina Aleksandra Pages 95-103
«Vlasimir Anatol'evich Dyakov was as an academic institute». Scholarly and memoir legacy of Vladimir A. Dyakov Leonid Gorizontov Pages 104-119
On the Vyatka period in the life and work of N.M. Karinsky (from correspondence with S.F. Platonov) Viktor Mitrofanov Pages 120-130
S. A. VOROBYOV. Alexey Hamsters. SPb., 2018. 251 p. Gudilina E. Pages 131-133
Foreign press about Poland. November 1918 – February 1919 / Ed. Borodziej V., Beregovoy Yu., Gajos V., Hetman N., Laskowska M. Warsaw, 2018. 471 p. V. Yakovenko Pages 134-135
E. POGONOWSKA. The keys to Russia. Themes and strategies of modern travel narratives. Lublin, 2018. 294 p. Irina Adelgeim Pages 136-138
International scholarly conference «The end of World War One, break-out of the empires and the birth of new states in Central and South-Eastern Europe (to the centenary of the events)» Julia Lobacheva Pages 139-141

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