Issue 3

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  • Issue number: 3

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Republican movement in the state development of the Greek Kingdom in the XIX-beginning of the XX centuries (mutual influence of Republican ideas in Russia and Greece) Olga Sokolovskaya Pages 3-14
Belarusian-Polish contradictions in the Communist movement of Western Belarus in the 1920s and 1930s: historiography and research prospects Aleksandr Savich Pages 15-23
The Soviet representative in Czechoslovakia P. N. Mostovenko against the emissaries of the Communist international (June 1921 – February 1923) Nikolay Stankov Pages 24-32
The policy of «purification» of the Croatian language in the Independent State of Croatia in the early 1940s: origins, forms and the outcome Maxim V. Kirchanov Pages 33-42
On the history of the Soviet-Polish negotiations in the autumn of 1956: proletarian solidarity and geopolitical conditionality Albina Noskova Pages 43-63
European members of the CMEA and the Third World: economic assistance in the estimation of the CIA in 1965–1975 Arutyun Ulunyan Pages 64-77
The emergence and initial period of the activity of the Social-Democratic Party of the Polish Republic (1989–1991) Oleg Mikhalev Pages 78-88
Discursive practices in the language of Ukrainians in Bosnia and Herzegovina Gleb Pilipenko Pages 89-103
«In the spirit of loyalty to Russia»: an unanswered memorandum of Volodymyr Stepankivs’kij Dmitriy Parfiryev Pages 104-110
«I am very drawn to Russia…»: «Russian motifs» in the letters of Julius Zeiler to Alois Kashpar... Anna Grasko Pages 111-117
Plot motives in the work of Milorad Pavić (on the example of the novels «The Inner Side of the Wind и «Second Body») Evgeniya Shatko Pages 118-124
K.V. Melchakova. Bosnia and Herzegovina in Public and Political Life of Russia in 1856-1875. Lidia Pakhomova Pages 125-128
N. N. Mezga. Soviet-Polish relations of 1921-1926: a new stage of confrontation. Gennadij Matveev / Elena Matveeva Pages 129-131
Russia and Poland: overcoming historical stereotypes. XIV–XVIII centuries. Manual for history teachers Tomasz Ambroziak Pages 132-133
Conference «The concept of family in the Slavic and Jewish cultural tradition» Irina Kopchenova Pages 134-136

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