Issue 1

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Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Stefan Stambolov and the Macedonian question: development of the strategy. Olga Dubovik Pages 5-20
Bulgarian-Turkish relations in late 1913 – first half of 1914 according to reports of Russian military intelligence in the Balkans Dmitry Labauri / Ilya Gradoboyev Pages 21-34
Bulgarian «tesnjak» Khristo Kabakchiev and the formation of the Italian Communist party (1920–1921) Natalia Terekhova Pages 35-52
The Attack of the Fascist Germany on the USSR and the reaction of the Czechoslovak Émigré Government Elena Serapionova Pages 53-61
Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania in search of an intra-system economic alternative. Generally special features of the process (60s of the XX century) Artyom Ulunyan Pages 62-82
P.E. Shelest in assessment of contemporary Ukrainian historiography Elena Borisenok Pages 83-94
«Poor little Serbia»: the first Serbian travelogue about America Anna Bodrova Pages 95-102
Yulian Yavorski’s library: the book collection and its owner Igor Barinov Pages 103-112
«Heroes» and «antiheroes» in the history of Central and Southeastern Europe (second half of the twentieth century. Overview of the conference at the Institute of Slavic Studies of Russian Academy of Sciences Anna Kanarskaya Pages 113-122
N.A. Raevsky. Russian garrison in Bulgaria. Orchania – Sofia – Prague. Moscow: Veche, 2021. Pp. 528. Ella Zadorozhnyuk Pages 123-125
V. F. Soldatienko. Vynnychenko and Petlura: associates or rivals. Moscow, 2020. 792 p. Ekaterina Baydalova Pages 126-128
Linquistics – Corpora – Empeiria. Prague Andrey Izotov Pages 129-131
Fourth International Conference «Jewish Field: Experience and Conceptualization» Svetlana Amosova Pages 132-134
For the anniversary of Sergei Mikhailovich Kashtanov Dmitry Borovkov Pages 135-136
To the anniversary of Natalia Vitalievna Zlydneva Pages 137-138

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