Issue 1

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Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The Flemish echo of the Greek revolution. The «Gazette van Gend» newspaper and the initial phase of the «Greek events» (from January to December of 1821) Arutyun Ulunyan Pages 3-15
Vaclac Havel: the contours of a changing worldview (to the eighty-fifth anniversary) Ella Zadorozhnyuk Pages 16-28
Slobodan Milošević between the left and the right: Слободан Милошевич между левыми и правыми: the balance of power, political struggle, and persuasion strategy Matvey Lomonosov Pages 29-43
Ideological dimension of the Turkish policy in the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries Ilgar Mamedov Pages 44-54
Contemporary history of Republic of Slovenia in the recent works of Slovenian researchers Nadezhda Pilko Pages 55-63
Walter Jaeger’s «Weissruthenien»: the history of a book Igor Barinov Pages 64-72
Slovac temporal adverbs of the «rarely» group: possible semantic differences in the light of corpus data Daria Vashchenko Pages 73-84
Fedor Dostoevsky: the Eastern Question Viktor Kosik Pages 85-93
Displaced persons of Slavic origin in the Astrakhan province during the First World War: the problem of life support and adaptation S. Belousov Pages 94-104
Russian émigré architects and architecture competitions in the interwar Belgrade Elvira Ibragimova Pages 105-116
H. ILGIEWICZ. Instytut Naukowo-Badawczy Europy Wschodniej w Wilnie oraz Szkoła Nauk Politycznych w Wilnie (1930–1939) Igor Barinov Pages 117-120
Yu. ZLATKOVA. Konstantin Leontiev and Balkanite Viktor Kosik Pages 121-124
Russian travelogue of the XVIII-early XX centuries: annotated index / Under the editorship of T. I. Pechersky Tatyana Medvedeva Pages 125-126
Scientific conference "International relations in the Central and South-Eastern Europe in the XX-XXI centuries" Nikolay Stankov Pages 127-128
The Conference «Russia – Turkey– Greece: Dialogue Opportunities in the Balkans» Anna Aleksandrova / Ilgar Mamedov Pages 129-132

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