Issue 4

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  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The project of regulation of interconfessional relations in Rzeczpospolita in 1587 Boris Florya Pages 3-9
«Shibla slava… k Tornovu»: concerning an orthographic argument for the earlier dating of the extensive edition of «Zadonshchina» Anatoliy Turilov Pages 10-14
To the history of events in Ukraine in the spring of 1709 S. Ivanyuk Pages 15-23
Hungarian archaeologist Nándor Fettich and his connections with Russian émigré scholars Mikhail Kovalev / A. Sheresh Pages 24-36
Czechs and the «Czechness»: looking for national identity (1918–2018) Irina Gerchikova Pages 37-44
Postmodernisation of literature, Polonisation of Postmodernism Irina Adelgeim Pages 45-50
Postmodern discourse and Slovenian literary practice Nadezhda Starikova Pages 51-59
Macedonian writers in the labyrinth of Postmodernism A. Sheshken Pages 60-69
Suffixation in Old Church Slavonic as a compensation of the Greek article Valeriya Efimova Pages 70-79
Double translation in the Corpus Areopagiticum Slavicum: structure and functioning A. Solomonovskaya Pages 80-89
Memoires of the Russian emigrant in Czechoslovakia vegeni Nedzelski I. Pop Pages 90-115
To the centennial anniversary of Ivan Ivanovich Kościuszko Boris Nosov / Ludmila Marney Pages 116-125
High school faces. The first Russian-Serbian gymnasium in Belgrade (1920-1944). In 2 kN. Belgrade, 2018. kN. 1. 638 p. KN. 2. 690 PP. Viktor Kosik Pages 126-127
P. N. Bazanov. "Petropolskaya Tacitus" in exile. Life and work of Russian historian Nikolai Ulyanov. Spb., 2018. 510 PP. Viktor Kosik Pages 128-130
The Seventh Meeting of the Commission of historians of Russia and Slovakia. International scholarly conference «Slovakia and Russia in the pathbreaking moments of history: people, ideas, and events» Mikhail Dronov / Elena Serapionova Pages 131-132
To the jubilee of Mikhail Andreevich Robinson Staff of Institute of Slavic Studies RAS Pages 133-134
To the jubilee of Svetlana Ivanovna Danchenko Staff of Institute of Slavic Studies RAS Pages 135-137

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