Issue 3

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  • Issue number: 3

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The First Soviet-Czechoslovak Treaty: From the Draft to its Signing (April 2, 1921 – June 5, 1922) Nikolay Stankov Pages 5-19
Cultural Life of Ljubljana at the Beginning of the Italian Occupation Based on the Materials of the Slovenian Mass-Media (April – December 1941) Nadezhda Pilko Pages 20-31
The Hungarian Crisis in the Autumn of 1956 and Discussions at the UN Alexandr Stykalin Pages 32-51
The «Albanian» 1968. Report of I.G. Senkevich on the Scientific Mission Against the Backdrop of the Political Landscape Arutyun Ulunyan Pages 52-70
Debates of Historians from the Countries of the Former Yugoslavia on the Declaration «Defend History» (2020) Mikhail Belov Pages 71-88
The New History of Nations and States of the Central and Eastern Europe in Historiography at the End of 20th – the Beginning of 21st Centuries: Between Traditional and Postmodern Interpretation Leszek Zasztowt Pages 89-107
Jerzy Stempowski and Existential-Eschatological Interpretation of Alexander Fredro’s Comedy «Mr Jowialski» Leonid A. Maltsev Pages 108-120
City as a Model of the Universe of Afterlife's Space in Russian, Slavic and other Foreign Fantasy Elena N. Kovtun Pages 121-136
The Influence of Ukrainian Verbal Culture on South Slavic Culture in the 17th–18th centuries (Publication by Svetlan M. Tolstaya) Nikita I. Tolstoy Pages 137-140
International Scientific Conference «The Commission of Russian and Polish Historians at the Beginning of the 21st Century: Results, Tasks, Perspectives» Boris Nosov / Kirill Kochegarov Pages 141-147
In memory of Victoria Slivovska Boris Nosov Pages 148-150
In memory of Ludmila N. Budagova (1932–2022) Irina Gerchikova Pages 151-152
In memory of Jerzy Bartmiński (1939–2022) Svetlana Tolstaya Pages 153-155

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