Issue 2

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  • Issue number: 2

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
How Jakim the Tiun was counting squirrels (to the interpretation of birchbark letter no 1021) Alexey Gippius Pages 3-10
The Czech «paganism» and the «Slavic antiquities»: the Czech medieval tradition Georgy Melnikov / Vladimir Petrukhin Pages 11-17
Greek Orthodox inhabitants of the Kingdom of Poland in the age of Reformation in their relations with the Catholics and Protestants (1550s and 1560s) Boris Florya Pages 18-27
New sources in the Cossack uprising of 1625: the speech of colonel Olifer Holub and an unknown copy of the Treaty of Kurukove Kirill Kochegarov Pages 28-49
Ethnic self-consciousness of the Ukrainian elite in the second half of the seventeenth century D. Stepanov Pages 50-64
On the time of creation of the Extensive edition of the Live of Nikon of Radonezh Nataliya Pak Pages 65-75
The Gennadian edition of explanatory prophesies from the beginning of the 1490s (from the history of the Bible of 1499) Vasiliy Kalugin Pages 76-93
«The Legend of the Passion of Christ»: from the literary heritage of Silvester Medvedev Lidiya Sazonova Pages 94-109
Culinary vocabulary as a component of phraseologisms (on the material of the Polish language against the background of the Russian language) Nataliya Ananeva Pages 110-118
From «the Empire of the Ruriks» to early the feudal monarchy: the testament of Yaroslav I in the context of the feudal paradigm of the Soviet historiography D. Borovkov Pages 119-128
The conference «Slavs and their neighbours in the multiconfessional world » Oleg Nemensky Pages 129-132
The conference «Anthropomorphic and zoomorphic representations of nations and states in the Slavic cultural discourse» Aleksandra Krasovec Pages 133-137
In memoriam of Valentin Lavrentievich Yanin (1929–2020) Vladimir Petrukhin Pages 138-139
In memoriam of Inessa Ilyinichna Svirida (1937–2019) Nataliya Zlydneva Pages 140-140
In memoriam of Aleksandra Alekseevna Guseva (1945–2019) Lidiya Sazonova Pages 141-142

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