Issue 5

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  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Russian emissaries to Montenegro in the second half of the eighteenth century Yuri Anshakov Pages 3-12
Russian Communist Party (Bolsheviks) and the Comintern’s Polish policy. 1919–1925 Nataliya Lebedeva / Nataliya Terehova Pages 13-28
«An outstanding chance for the USA policy in the Soviet sphere of interests». Once again on the question of the Yugoslav-American relations in 1949 Boris Novoseltsev Pages 29-42
«Historical revisionism» in the criticism of post-Yugoslav historians Mikhail Belov Pages 43-56
On the issue: Sigismund N. Valk and Marxism (Valk’s notes on the margins of Adam Schaff’s book «Marxism and the Human Individual») Boris Kaganovich Pages 57-67
The role of literary paradigm in the making of Slovenian nation Nadezhda Starikova Pages 68-73
Symbolism and avantgarde in Hungarian literature of the early twentieth century. (In comparison with the experience of Russian literature) Yuri Gusev Pages 74-88
Volodymir K. Vynnychenko. A biography of the politician and the writer against the background of the epoch Ekaterina Baydalova Pages 89-98
Views of the Polish government on the role of Patriarchate of Constantinople in the Orthodox world in the context of negotiations with Patriarch Meletius IV (Metaxakis) on the autocephaly of the Polish Orthodox Church (1922–1923) Anastasiya Chibisova Pages 99-111
Jaroslav Hašek on the dogs and goats, or the party of modest progress in the framework of the law on rehabilitation of animals Kseniya Egorova Pages 112-121
Town and village in miniatures of Sokrat Janowicz: development of the interpenetration model Maria Lamm Pages 122-127
Linguistic expedition to the Slavic communities to Argentina and Paraguay Gleb Pilipenko Pages 128-138
A. Dubcek. Hope dies last. Ella Zadorozhnyuk Pages 139-141
The international conference «Between conciliation and regicide. Limits of the Polish-Russian political compromise in the age of Kingdom of Poland. To the anniversary of the coronation of 1829» Olga Kashtanova Pages 142-146

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