Issue 6

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  • Issue number: 6

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Simeon Polockij a Playwright: The New Study Aspects Lidiya Sazonova Pages 5-23
The specifics of Croatian folk mythology Anna Plotnikova Pages 24-37
Etymological methods in ethnolinguistic research into mythological vocabulary Marina Valentsova Pages 38-54
Ukrainian magical folklore in the archive collections of the RGO and OLEAE Tatyana Agapkina Pages 55-67
Fixed formulas and acronyms in the memory epigraphics of Podlasie province (Poland) Olga Belova / Maria Yasinskaya Pages 68-86
Motivation of the dialectal word in reflection of the analytic dialectology Taťiana Vendina Pages 87-98
Why did they leave inscriptions about the "goat" on the walls of St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev? Maria Drobysheva Pages 99-109
«Alphabet wars» in the history and modernity of Slavic languages: sidenotes to the Artur Steplewski’s book Oxana Ostapchuk Pages 110-122
M. Rak. Jan Karlowicz in the light of the archival materials. Dialectology, ethnolinguistics and the Lituanian Studies Svetlana Tolstaya Pages 123-128
A.A. Lazareva. Dream interpretation in folk culture. Moscow, RSUH Publ., 2020, 258 p. Olga Belova Pages 129-132
T. Virk. Under Prešeren’s Head. Slovene Literature and Social Changes: National State, Democracy and Transitional Discrepancies. Ljubljana, 2021. 222 p. Nadezhda Starikova Pages 133-139
Maria Ilieva. Bulgarians in their language world (Linguocultural and ethnopsycholinguistic study). Veliko Tarnovo: University publishing house «St. Cyril and st. Methodius», 2021, 224 pp. Olga Dubovik Pages 140-142
Linguistic Conference at the Institute for Bulgarian Language of the BAS Irina Sedakova Pages 143-146
In memory of Lidia Konstantinovna Gavryushina (1956–2020) Pages 147-148
In memory of Galina Parfenyevna Neshchimenko (1933–2021) Gleb Pilipenko Pages 149-150
In memory of Alexander Alexsandrovich Gugnin (1921–2021) Nadezhda Starikova Pages 151-152
Index of articles and materials, published in the journal in 2021 Pages 153-156

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