Issue 6

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  • Issue number: 6

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Polessian-Carpathian parallels in the sphere of mythological ideas and folklore motives (2. Methods of recognition of devilry) Svetlana Tolstaya / Ludmila Vinogradova Pages 3-14
«Life» of the ritual after its «extinction»: example of dodola from Szgetcsép village in Hungary Marija Mandic Pages 15-29
Hastrman (water spirit) in folklore and literature (on the example of Silesia region) Balgarova Andrea Pages 30-40
«We» и «we». Reunification of brunches of the genealogial tree and the problem of family responsibility in the book of M. Sznajderman «Pepper forgers» Irina Adelgeim Pages 41-54
Contemporary Slavic author fairy tale on the inter-genre borderland: to the question of preservation of the genre identity (based on the material of Russian and Czech literature) Polina Korol’kova Pages 55-63
Ranges of plants and the region of the birth of the pra-Slavic language Pavel Gusenkov Pages 64-76
Specific features of mutual compatibility of Slovak substances of short duration: chviľa и okamih Daria Vashchenko Pages 77-87
Ethnolinguistic expedition to the Burgenland Croats’ villages of Western Hungary (around Szombathely) Anna Plotnikova / Daria Vashchenko Pages 88-98
«Nestor of Slavistics»: To the jubilee of Dmitri Ivanovich Chizhevsky (to the 125th anniversary) Ella Zadorozhnyuk Pages 99-109
To the history of Baltic studies in Moscow Maria Zavyalova Pages 110-123
M. RАK. Materiały do dziejów polskiej dialektologii i etnologii. Listy Cezarii Baudouin de Courtenay-Ehrenkreutz-Jędrzejewiczowej, Adama Fischera, Antoniego Kaliny, Izydora Kopernickiego, Kazimierza Nitscha, Seweryna Udzieli, Juliusza Zborowskiego. Kraków, 2018. 604 s. [Biblioteka «LingVariów». T. 25] Svetlana Tolstaya Pages 124-129
B. IVANČIČ-KUTIN. Krivopete: divje žene z nazaj zasukanimi stopali v slovenski folklori Maria Yasinskaya Pages 130-135
Z. BARBALOV, M. SIMEONOVA, M. KITANOVA, N. MUTAFCHIEVA, P. LEGERSKA. Dictionary of Bulgarian folk spiritual culture Irina Sedakova Pages 136-138

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