Issue 1

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Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Realization of the Soviet-Lithuanian Peace Treaty in 1920 in the Сontext of the Soviet-Polish War Dmitry Bakanov Pages 5-22
Diplomacy in the Times of Transition: Evolution of Romania’s Foreign Policy (From December 1989 to 1992) Igor S. Putintsev Pages 23-36
Right-wing Nationalist Parties (Narodovtsy) in Poland in the 1990s Oleg Mikhalev Pages 37-50
On the Importance of Studying the Internal History of Literary Languages (on the Example of the Slovak Literary Language) Konstantin Lifanov Pages 51-64
Selectional Properties of Slovak and Hungarian Adverbs with General Meaning ‘Often’ (Corpus-Based Study) Daria Vashchenko Pages 65-84
Water Space Mythological Spirits in the Serbian and Chinese Folk Traditions Liu Hu Pages 85-95
‘Passions’ Around the Second Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw (1932) Tatiana Semakina Pages 96-104
Review of the Materials from the Expedition to the Aromanians of North Macedonia Aleksandra Chivarzina / Ivan Kazakov Pages 105-112
On the Centenary of the Birth of Sergey V. Nikolski (1922–2015) Irina Gerchikova Pages 113-115
On the Centenary of the Birth of Elena Z. Tsybenko (1923‒2011) Alla Sheshken Pages 116-118
Shadiye Osmanoglu. My Father Abdul-Hamid II, or the Confessions of the Last Ottoman Sultan’s Daughter: A Memoir Anna Leontyeva Pages 119-121
Štícha F., Vondráček M., Kolářová I., Smejkalová I., Giger M., Osolsobě K., Petkevič V., Veselý L., Lukešová L., Panevová L., Ševčíková M., Bílková J., Kopáčková L., Půda L. Comprehensive Academic Grammar of Contemporary Standard Czech. Prague, Academia Publ., 2021, 978 p. Andrey Izotov Pages 122-124
A.Marková, H. Sahanovič, Z. Šybieka. History of Belarus. Prague: Lidové nowiny Publishing House, 2021. 304 p. Kseniya Egorova Pages 125-129
Borders and Spaces in the History of Eastern Europe: From the Fixed to the Phantom Ones Anna Lagno Pages 130-139
75 Years from the Foundation of the Institute of Slavic Studies. XII Nikitin’s Conference «Historical Slavic and Balkan Studies» Marina Frolova / Svetlana Danchenko Pages 140-146
Prof. Hanna Popowska-Taborska (1930–2022) Svetlana Tolstaya Pages 147-148

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