Issue 3

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  • Issue number: 3

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Theory. Methodology
Post-Socialist Future as a Subject of Sociology Research (from the Standpoint of V. Nersesyant's Civilism Theory) Valentina V. Lapaeva Pages 3-12
Social Classes and Exploitation in the USSR: Reflections from the Perspective of E.O. Wright’s Theory Juan M. Valdera-Gil Pages 13-22
Social policies. Social structure
Social Consequences of Retirement Age Raising Arkadii C. Solovev Pages 23-31
The Status and a Problems of the Gerontogroup (Based on Surveys of the Rostov Region Residents) Tatyana S. Kienko Pages 32-41
On the Role of Temporality in the Lives of People with Disabilities Valentina N. Yarskaya-Smirnova Pages 42-48
Sociology of education
Special Education for Children with Limited Health Abilities: Factors of Inequality Regions Elena V. Kulagina Pages 49-62
Young Teachers in the Context of Differentiation in Higher Education in Russia: Co-operation Practices Natalia N. Karmaeva / Nikolai A. Karmaev Pages 63-72
Political sociology
The Impact of Social Networks on Protest Activities (the Case of Armenia) Arthur V. Atanesyan Pages 73-84
The Attitude of Russian Students to Color Revolutions Sergey B. Surovov / Alexandr V. Malko / Ivan N. Konovalov / Larisa V. Loginova Pages 85-97
Sociology of mass communications
Communicative Mechanisms of Modern Conceptual Oppositions Tamara Z. Adamyants Pages 98-105
Reciprocity in Mutual Aid Networks (on the Data of a Regional Study) Evgeniy V. Reutov / Marina N. Reutova / Irina V. Shavyrina Pages 106-117
History of sociology
L.I. Petrazhitsky as a Sociologist of Law Alexander N. Savenkov / Vladimir S. Gorban Pages 118-128
First Forum of Russian Sociologists – a New Stage in USSR Sociology Institutionalizing Asalhan O. Boronoev Pages 129-136
Facts. Comments. Notes
On Housing Problems Solving Mechanisms (the Case of Volgograd) Natalia A. Skobelina Pages 137-144
On the Sources of Crisis in South Eastern Europe Societies Mimo V. Drachkovich Pages 145-149
Academic events
Theoretical and Empirical Knowledge in Sociology: Recent Challenges and Prospects for Interaction (XX Kharchev's Readings) Nikolay V. Romanovskiy Pages 150-152
Families Through the Lens of Diversity (Notes on the 9th ESFR Congress) Antonina V. Noskova / Elena I. Kuzmina Pages 153-155
Study and Regulation of Ethnosocial Processes in Russia Gulnara F. Gabdrakhmanova / Guzel I. Makarova Pages 156-158
Book reviews
Model of Income Stratification of the Russian Society: Dynamics, Factors, Interstrane Comparisons/ Ed. by N.E. Tikhonova. M.; SPb., 2018. 308 p. Reviewed by Yu.V. Latov Yuri Latov Pages 159-163
Shcherbina V.V. Rationalizing Diagnostic Social Managnemet Technologies. M., 2018. 416 p. Reviewed by E.А. Grishina Elena А. Grishina Pages 163-165

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