Issue 6

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  • Issue number: 6

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The historian’s opinion
From korenizatsiia to sovereignty: How the disintegration of the USSR has been preparing Boris Mironov Pages 3-24
«Ah, comrades descendants – socialism was built on cunning» Tamara Krasovitskaya Pages 24-36
Investigation of the fundamental causes of the collapse of the USSR is an urgent task of our science Alexander Degtyaryov Pages 36-39
The national question and the disintegration of the Soviet Union Ronald Grigor Suny Pages 40-42
Peoples and spaces
The European Arctic in the 16th–18th centuries: models and practices of commercial development (peasants, merchants, monasteries, the state) Sergey Nikonov Pages 43-60
On gender issues in Siberia in the early stages of Russian colonization Nikolay Nikitin Pages 61-68
Russian boyar scions in service in Siberia in the 17th century (based on petition materials) Evgeniy Vershinin / Georgiy Vizgalov Pages 69-78
Attempts to subjugate the Central Asian nomads by the Russian state in the 17th century: arguments of the Russian diplomacy Andrey Zuev / Dmitriy Popov Pages 79-89
Profession and the community
«Soviet Power» in the Time of Troubles: about a historiographical myth Dmitriy Liseitsev Pages 90-110
Russia and the world
«Russian gratitude»? Russian-Prussian relations in 1863–1864 and their assessment in historiography Aleksandr Medyakov Pages 111-126
Ideas and images
Textbooks for the folk school in the Vilna educational District in the 1860s Anna Komzolova Pages 127-137
Institutions and communities
«Russian Union in Ukraine» and the national self-determination of the Russian population of the UPR in the spring of 1918 Anton Chemakin Pages 138-158
The historian and the source
The Memoires of S.Yu. Witte: publications and publishers Andrey Golikov Pages 159-167
History of power
The «double nature» of the Central Committee of the RCP(b) and its place in the political system of Soviet Russia (1919–1923) Mikhail Zelenov Pages 168-192
Monetary circulation in the USSR during late 1980s – early 1990s: in search of a way out of the crisis Roman Kirsanov Pages 193-203
Rec. ad. op.: D.V. Sen’. Russko-krymsko-osmanskoye pogranich’ye: prostranstvo, yavleniya, lyudi (konets XVII – XVIII v.). Izbrannyye trudy. Rostov-on-Don, 2020 Stepan Shamin Pages 204-211
Rec. ad op.: F.A. Seleznev. Revolyutsiya 1917 goda i bor’ba elit vokrug voprosa o separatnom mire s Germaniyey (1914–1918 gg.). Saint Petersburg, 2017 Fyodor Gayda Pages 211-214
The actual heritage of the Siberian Council Vladimir Kalinovsky / Nikolay Smirnov Pages 215-219
The military-technical and human dimension of Lend-Lease Irina Khruleva Pages 219-222
Journal «Krokodil» during the «Thaw» era Igor Bogomolov Pages 222-225
Rec. ad. op.: M. Kulik. Armia rosyjska w Królestwie Polskim w latach 1815–1856 Olga Kashtanova Pages 226-229
The unfulfilled war of His Serene Highness Prince I.F. Paskevich Anna Komzolova Pages 229-233
The triumphal path to defeat Andrey Mamonov Pages 234-241
«Colorless Secretary General»? New biography of L.I. Brezhnev Aleksandr Puchenkov Pages 242-246
Pro memoria
A.V. Golubev (1954–2021) Pages 247-249

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