Issue 5

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Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Bishops of the Russian Church
Consecration of Bishops and «Lists of Creed» in the first third of the 15th century Maria Korogodina Pages 3-9
After Isidor: Russian Metropolitan See in the 1440th Arkadiy Tarasov Pages 10-18
On the issue of the status of the episcopate in the Russian Church in the 16th century Elena Belyakova Pages 19-31
Perceptions of central secular and spiritual authorities in Russian regions in the 16th century (based on the materials of the colophons of manuscripts) Andrey Usachev Pages 32-47
Metropolitan Iona (Dumin): scribe and politician Nikita Bashnin Pages 48-60
The death of Patriarch Joachim and the election of the head of the Russian Orthodox Church in 1690 Alexey Morokhin / Irina Ustinova Pages 61-70
Russia and the world
«One of the most beautiful decorations of Paris»: the construction of the Russian embassy church and the cultural and political significance of the project Liubov Melnikova Pages 71-82
Russia’s diplomacy and Russian Orthodox Church in the U.S.A. (1867–1917) Vladimir Pechatnov / Valentin Pechatnov Pages 83-96
Cardinal König’s Trip to the Soviet Union in 1980: Church Diplomacy during the Cold war Nadezhda Belyakova Pages 97-104
Institutions and communities
Orthodox parishes in Novgorod and the surrounding area during the Nazi occupation Ivan Petrov Pages 105-113
Profession and the community
The Russian Revolution in the contemporary foreign historiography Igor Bogomolov Pages 114-131
To the 85th anniversary of the Institute of Russian History of the Russian Academy of Sciences
«Under the stamp of the Institute of History of the USSR, Soviet Academy of Sciences»: changing scientific guidelines in the light of formation of the anti-Hitler Coalition Lyubov' Sidorova Pages 132-143
«With a Russian scope and American efficiency»: collective and individual forms of research organization at the Institute of History of the USSR, Soviet Academy of Sciences Vitaliy Tikhonov Pages 144-154
The first thirty years of my life at the Institute Margarita Vandalkovskaya Pages 155-161
«The Institute played the role of a center of historical science»: from the memoirs of scientists Vladimir Kruglov / Vitaliy Tikhonov Pages 162-198
Discussing recent books. S.D. Yakhontov. Memories of 1853–1942
Provincial historian at the break of epochs Igor Grebenkin Pages 199-202
The difficult fate of the «little man» Andrey Tikhonov Pages 202-204
Enthusiast’s feat Fyodor Gayda Pages 204-208
Elegy on provincial Russia Oleg Milevsky Pages 208-210
Rec. ad op.: M.V. Korogodina. Pamyatniki tserkovnogo prava v rukopisyah XV – nachala XX veka (Opisanie rukopisnogo otdela Biblioteki RAN. T. 11. Vyp. 1). Мoscow; Saint Petersburg, 2020 Ludmila Moshkova Pages 211-214
Rec. ad op.: V.N. Kozlyakov. Smutnoye vremya v Rossii nachala XVII veka. Moscow, 2021 Konstantin Erusalimskiy Pages 214-221
Twelve months in the life of the revolutionary Crimea (April 1919 – April 1920) Aleksandr Puchenkov Pages 221-227
Orthodox clergy of Crimea during the years of great upheavals Vladlen Izmozik Pages 227-232
In the shadow of the Orthodox cross: the clergy of the Crimea in 1914–1920 Julia Biryukova Pages 232-235
The Life Path of Metropolitan Benjamin (Fedchenkov) in Contemporary Latvian Studies Ivan Petrov Pages 235-240
Rec. ad op.: M.A. Birman. P.M. Bicilli (1879–1953). Life and creativity. Moscow, 2018 Nikita Gusev Pages 240-243
Rec. ad op.: R.A. Fando. Universitet im. A.L. Shanyavskogo na fone smeny epoch. Moscow, 2018 Olga Elina Pages 243-246
Rec. ad. op.: O.A. Valkova. Shturmuya tsitadel’ nauki: zhenshchiny-uchonyye Rossiyskoy imperii. Moscow, 2018 Evgeny Pchelov Pages 247-250

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