Issue 4

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  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Nystadt’s legacy
Empire of Peter the Great: course – west, headwind Dmitry Redin Pages 3-22
The historian and the source
A letter from Russian General L.N. von Hallart about the battle of Poltava Pavel Krotov / Iskra Schwarcz Pages 23-29
Russia and the world
War in the North Caucasus (1686–1698) Nikita Bashnin / Andrey Guskov / Stepan Shamin Pages 30-43
Alexander Gordon Okhintul: Jacobite, general and biographer of Peter I Kirill Stankov Pages 44-51
The price of victories: on the cost of military campaigns in Russia in the 18th century Igor Kurukin Pages 52-59
Reforms and the Church
Practical implementation of the first stage of the Church reform of Peter I (1701–1703) Irina Shamina Pages 60-73
Symbols of power
«Historical quill». Attribution of the main symbol of the abolition of serfdom Fyodor Melentiev Pages 74-83
Peoples and spaces
West-Russian anabasis of Xenophon Govorsky Aleksandr Kotov Pages 84-101
V.K. Plehve and the policy towards Jews in Russia at the turn of the 19th–20th centuries Andrey Minakov Pages 102-115
«All of that is so extraordinary and fantastic»: ideological and organizational prerequisites for the turn of Russian foreign policy to the Far East at the end of the 19th century Alexandr Polunov Pages 116-125
Institutions and communities
Creation of the Naval General Staff in 1906: the struggle of ambitions and the search for a command model Denis Kozlov Pages 126-136
Dynasty and elite
Empress Dowager Maria Feodorovna and S.Yu. Witte in the political life of Russia in the late 19th – early 20th century Daniil Rusin Pages 137-147
Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna and A.D. Samarin: on the History of Relations Elena Kovalskaya Pages 148-162
Profession and the community
Russia as a multinational empire: research outcomes and prospects Olga Bolshakova Pages 163-177
Discussing recent books
The era of «imaginary authoritarianism» Valeriy Zhuravlev Pages 179-182
«Cabinet» history and bureaucratic danger Evgeniy Krestiannikov Pages 182-186
Lawmaking in the Russian Empire: static structures or a dynamic process? Mikhail Volkhonskiy Pages 186-189
«Bureaucratic empire» and its «ruling corporation» in modern research Dmitriy Andreev Pages 189-193
The Byzantine heritage in Russia and Venice in the era of Peter the Great Tatiana Matasova Pages 194-200
Rec. ad op.: A.V. Belov. Reforma goroda Ekateriny II (po materialam guberniy Tsentral’noy Rossii). Moscow, 2019 Maksim Zaytsev Pages 200-205
«In the coordinates of the centuries-old history of our country» Tatiana Filippova Pages 205-208
Rec. ad op.: A.E. Kotov. Russkiy politicheskiy predmodern: zabytyye «konservatory» vtoroy poloviny XIX veka. Saint Petersburg, 2019 Aleksey Ipatov Pages 208-210
The way it’s supposed to be Oleg Airapetov Pages 210-214
Revolution and theater, revolution as theater Vladimir Buldakov Pages 214-219

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