Issue 2

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  • Issue number: 2

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The historian and the source
New sources on the activities of the Moscow Printing House in the 17th century Irina Pozdeeva Pages 3-13
Tver and tverians
Principality of Tver during 13th century – mid 1360s Elena Konyavskaya Pages 14-27
Bishop’s «local» and «quitrent» Boyar scions of the Tver diocese in the 17th–18th centuries Andrej Matison Pages 28-40
Historians argue
On the question of the origins of Tver in mid 12th century Petr Malygin / Sergey Bogdanov Pages 41-50
To think out less, to think through more Vladimir Kuchkin Pages 51-62
Prosecutorial supervision in the Russian Empire
Governorate prosecutors and government supervision of local administration in the reign of Paul I Jurij Tot Pages 63-76
Provincial prosecutors of Western Siberia in 19th century Evgeniy Krestiannikov / Viktoriya Pyrkh Pages 77-85
Gendarme service
Gendarme staff officer and provincial administration: K.Ya. Flige in the 1830s–1840s Grigory Bibikov Pages 86-104
Reports of the Special Corps of Gendarmes and the Organization of Imperial Russia’s Secret Police of 1820s–1830s Alexander Leontiev Pages 105-111
Origins of domestic statistics
Minister of Police A.D. Balashev and Organization of Statistical Studies in Russia Andrey Skrydlov Pages 112-120
Yaroslavl Provincial Statistic Committee in the second half of the 19th century Yuri Iyerusalimskiy / German Kharitonov Pages 121-133
Russia and the world
Yalta conference of 1945 through the prism of culinary diplomacy Vladimir Nevezhin Pages 134-148
History of power
Amnesty of 1953 and the first experiments in the revision of social control practices in the USSR Elena Zubkova Pages 149-160
The centenary of the Cryptographic service of the Russian Federation: creation and development during the 20th century Vasily Khristoforov / Julia Guseva Pages 161-179
Police and «liberalism» in the Russian Empire during 1880–1905 Zinaida Peregudova Pages 180-183
Liberal words and the police’s deals Anna Lavryonova Pages 183-189
Political investigation and the Liberal movement Kirill Soloviev Pages 189-192
S.V. Medvedev. Eksperiment Zubatova. Legalizatsiya rabochego dvizheniya v pervyye gody XX v. Moscow, 2018 Yuriy Ovchenko Pages 193-200
Political investigation and the Russian army on the eve and during the First World War Lyubov Ulianova Pages 200-206
Rec. ad op.: V.V. Khutarev-Garnishevskiy. Protivostoyaniye. Spetssluzhby, armiya i vlast’ nakanune padeniya Rossiyskoy imperii, 1913–1917 gg. Moscow, 2020 Anastasiya Dunaevа Pages 207-214
Vera Figner: Famous and Unknown Grigory Kan Pages 214-220
Rec. ad op.: V.A. Solomonov, N.N. Zaitseva. Pavel Grigoryevich Lyubomirov: prevratnosti sud’by istorika. Moscow, 2019 Olga Kochukova Pages 221-225
Rec. ad op.: B.S. Ilizarov. Stalin, Ivan Grozniy i drugie Vladimir Isakov Pages 226-230
M.Yu. Nechaeva. Monashestvo Srednego Urala Sinodalnogo perioda: printsypy formirovaniya i socialniy sostav. Yekaterinburg, 2019 Marina Cherkasova Pages 231-234

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