Issue 5

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  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Professional community
Century of study of the New Economic Policy. Time to take stock? Mikhail Mukhin Pages 3-14
In memory of Nikolai Alekseevich Ivnitsky – chronicler of the tragedy of the Soviet village Viktor Kondrashin Pages 15-27
For the Centenary of Valeriya Mikhailovna Selunskaya (1920–2020) Mariya Zezina / Irina Koznova / Valentina Ryzhenko Pages 28-33
Institutes and communities
Landlords of the Russian Empire in the second half of the 18th century Aleksandr Feofanov Pages 34-44
The Urals Industry
The reform of the mining industry in the Russian Empire in the beginning of the 19th century: legal peculiarities and institutional implementation Vyacheslav Manin Pages 45-58
The Urals State mining enterprise in the mid 1850s – early 1870s: dynamics of production and reasons for privatization George Shumkin Pages 59-76
Ideas and images
The economic development of Russia at the turn of the 1880–1890s in the coverage of the magazine «Russkoye obozreniye» Maxim Medovarov Pages 77-91
History of power
Government measures for the revival of Baku oil fields in 1905–1907 Valeriy Stepanov Pages 92-107
«The debate must be guillotined»: Soviet state planning congresses and the problem of choosing the path of development Mikhail Feldman Pages 108-123
The USSR State Bank in 1927–1929: staff «sanation» before the large-scale purging of the Soviet government apparatus Michael Nikolaev Pages 124-141
Leading personnel of the forest industry during pre-war industrialization Evgeny Voeikov Pages 142-154
Russian North
Mining activity of the trust «Arcticugol» on Spitsbergen under short-term planning and extreme climate, 1934–1941 Vasily Borovoy Pages 155-166
Formation of the construction’s industrial base in Khanty-Mansi national district in the 1960s Alexander Prischepa Pages 167-175
To the 85th anniversary of S.V. Tyutyukin
S.V. Tiutiukin and the journal «Otechestvennaia istoriia» Igor Khristoforov Pages 176-182
Second profession Andrey Mamonov Pages 183-189
Discussing recent books
About Lenin, the Party and its «indestructible unity» Andrey Kurenishev Pages 191-195
War and peace of Sergei Voytikov Mikhail Zelenov Pages 195-198
«Excerpt, view and something». New «Essais» on the history of the Communist movement in Russia and USSR Michael Morukov Pages 198-200
«Bottlenecks» of The Big Picture Vladimir Kruglov Pages 201-203
The Bolshevik leadership of 1917 – 1920s in the new book of S.S. Voytikov Oleg Kapchinskiy Pages 203-204
Rec. ad op.: M.M. Dadykina, A.V. Kraykovskiy, U.A. Layus. Pomorskiye promysly na Shpitsbergene v XVIII – nach. XIX v. Issledovaniye. Dokumenty. Moscow; Saint Petersburg, 2017 Sergey Nikonov Pages 205-210
The Urals Mining on the eve of the Russian revolutions of the early 20th century Andrey Speranskiy Pages 210-213
The lost heritage of Russian agricultural science Vasily Chernoperov / Sergei Usmanov Pages 213-216
Rec. ad op.: V.N. Shakhovskoy. Tak prokhodit mirskaya slava. 1893–1917. Moscow, 2019 Fyodor Gayda Pages 216-220
Rec. ad op.: E.G. Istomina. Lesa Rossii: ekologicheskaya i sotsioekonomicheskaya istoriya (XVIII – nachalo XX v.). Moscow, 2019 Valeriy Durnovtsev Pages 220-225
Rec. ad op.: M.Yu. Mukhin. Pokoleniye «0». Nauchno-issledovatel’skiye i opytno-konstruktorskiye raboty v oblasti reaktivnoy aviatsii v SSSR v gody Velikoy Otechestvennoy voyny. Moscow, 2019 Evgeniy Podrepniy Pages 225-229
C. Miller. The struggle to save the Soviet economy: Mikhail Gorbachev and the collapse of the USSR. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2016. 264 p. Shiqi Zhuang Pages 229-233

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