Issue 6

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  • Issue number: 6

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Nikita Nikolayevich Moiseev as a Philosopher and Political Thinker Evgeny Moshchelkov / Andrey Sytin Pages 5-16
Process-Based Logic
On the Ontological Foundations of Procedural Logic Vladimir Konev Pages 17-26
Muddled Notes on the Fields of Controversy Igor Burdonov Pages 27-33
Postmodern Arabesque Natalia Orlova Pages 34-39
Philosophy and Society
Event: Modern Approaches to the Formation of the Concept Mariya Fedorova Pages 40-49
Determinants of the Social-class Structuring of the Society and its Specificity in the Conditions of System Transformations Alexander Buzgalin / Andrey Kolganov Pages 50-61
Toward the Civil Society: Political Dimension of the Human Being (H. Аrendt and М. Мamardashvili) D. Gasparyan Pages 62-75
On Deontology and Vocabulary of “Smysl” Lora Ryskeldieva Pages 76-85
Making God Politically Correct? Konstantin Sharov Pages 86-96
Evolutional Aspect of Concept of Beauty Evgeny Yakhnin Pages 97-107
History of Russian Philosophy
On the History of Russian Philosophy in N.O. Lossky’s epistolary heritage. The Correspondence of N.O. and B.N. Lossky’s with D.I. Chizhevsky Serdyukova Elena / Vladimir Janzen Pages 108-130
An Acausal Connecting Principle as a Basis of Unity of the Universe in Analytical Psychology of C.G. Jung and Intuitivism of N.O. Lossky Balanovskiy Valentin Pages 131-140
Where Have Gone the History of Russian Philosophy as a Training Course Sergey Korsakov Pages 141-148
The Program of the Training Course on the History of Russian Philosophy of the Department of History of Philosophy of the Institute of Red Professors of Philosophy under the Direction of I.K. Luppol, 1935–1937 (in abbreviation). Published by Sergey N. Korsakov Sergey Korsakov Pages 148-158
Philosophical Possibilities of Soviet Literature: Leonid Leonov’s Last Stage Andrey Vorobyev Pages 159-166
History of Philosophy
The Early Duns Scotus and the Oxford artistae of the Late Thirteenth Century on Signification of Names Danila Maslov Pages 167-176
Napoleon and Rousseau’s Theory of Social Contract Artem Krotov Pages 177-186
Letters to Editors
As possible the popular philosophy? Nadezhda Kasavina Pages 187-198
Justice: Between Law and Morality Marina A. Kalashyan Pages 199-205
Religious Ideas and Practice in Sufi Orders Sejin Jung / Songwoong Kwak Pages 206-213
Scientific Life
In Search of Ideal Locus (Review of 2nd Scientific Conference "Utopian Projects in the History of Culture») Gennady Drach / Taisiia Paniotova / Maxim Romanenko Pages 214-218
Book Reviews
M.A. Maslin, ed. Russian Philosophy Abroad: History and Today Aleksander Ermichyov Pages 219-222

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