Issue 4

  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

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Plant growing
Mixing value of a winter rye with various viscosity A. Goncharenko / S. Ermakov / T. Semenova / V. Tochilin / N. Tsygankova / A. Makarov / M. Kuzmich / O. Krahmaleva / N. Jashina / Z. Shсherbakova Pages 3-8
High-carotinoid triticale – breeding and use A. Grabovets / A. Krokhmal / S. Zverev Pages 9-12
Fatty acid composition of the lipid in grain of the newly bred naked oat cultivars V. Krasilnikov / G. Batalova / V. Popov / S. Sergeyeva Pages 13-15
Change of quality parameters of hulled oats grain at fractionation E. Pasynkova / N. Kotelnikova / A. Pasynkov / A. Zavalin Pages 16-20
Effect of polyketides from the marine fungus Penicillium thomii Maire KMM 4675 upon productivity and growth of spring barley sprouts M. Аnisimov / A. Klykov / N. Parskaya / D. Аminin / Sh. Аfiyatullov / M. Sobolyevskaya / E. Chaikina Pages 21-23
Role of microbiological fertilizer and siderates in increase productivity and quality of potato S. Zhevora / E. Knyazeva / L. Fedotova / N. Timoshina Pages 24-27
Traditional and innovative approaches in the breeding of garden chrysanthemums at the south of the russian far east A. Nedoluzhko Pages 28-31
Plant protection
Assortment of insecticides for the protection of grain crops M. Shorokhov / V. Dolzhenko Pages 32-35
Identification of Habrobracon hebetor populations with RAPD markers V. Kil / I. Agasieva / E. Besedina / A. Balaban / V. Ismailov Pages 36-39
Agrochemistry. Pedology
Dynamics of typical chernozems properties of the national park “Streletskaya steppe” under the influence of long term agrogenic impact L. Stakhurlova / I. Svistova Pages 40-42
Trends of soil processes in the natural landscapes of mountain and foothill province of the republic of dagestan M-R. Kaziev / M. Sultanova / M. Alishaev Pages 43-45
Animal husbandry
Association of leptin gene (LEP) polymorphism with the growth dynamics and dairy productivity of holstein cow-heifers N. Balakirev / F. Zinnatova / Sh. Shakirov / Yu. Yulmeteva / N. Safina Pages 46-49
Molecular-biochemical aspects of eucariotes ontogenesis in the conditions of global warming M. Gil / I. Gorbatenko / L. Denisyuk / I. Galushko Pages 50-53
Veterinary sciensce
Biological properties and molecular genetic characteristics of the african swine fever virus, isolated in 2016-2017 in various regions of the Russian Federation  V. Balyshev / M. Vlasov / A. Imatdinov / I. Titov / S. Morgunov / A. Malogolovkin Pages 54-57
Effect of hirudotherapy on indicators of plasma hemostasis in cows with clinical form of mastitis E. Soboleva Pages 58-60
Perfection of production technology canned composites from apples using secondary resources and intensive sterilization regimes A. Demirova / T. Daudova / Z. Abdulkhalikov / M. Omarov / M. Alibekova / M. Akhmedov Pages 61-64
High frequency electrostically unit for sheep S. Solovyov / A. Rusakov / M. Turgenbaev Pages 65-67

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