Rossiiskaia selskokhoziaistvennaia nauka

ISSN: 2500-2627

Chief Editor:  Lachuga Yurij Fedorovich

Address: Leninsky ave.,32а, 119334, Moscow, Russia

Tel.:  8 (495) 954-05-97, 8(495) 954-22-53



The Journal was founded in 1936. It publishes the results of research in the field of agricultural and biological sciences, among them are articles on ecology, biotechnology, genetics, and breeding of plants and animals, plant protection, animal feeding, the creation of vaccines for the treatment and prevention of animal diseases, radiobiology, microbiology, agrochemistry, soil science, biophysics, mechanization, and electrification of agriculture, storage, and processing of agricultural products.
Editorial staff: Aleksahin R.M., Vasilevich F.I., Goncharenko A.A., Gulyukin M.I., Dubenok N.N., Dolzhenko V.I., Erohin M.N., Zavalin A.A., Zinov'eva N.A., Kosolapov V.M., Lisicyn A.B., Pivovarov V.F., Harchenko P.N., Plugatar' Yu.V., Coj Yu.A.