Issue 3

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Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Remembering the Great Patriotic War...
Moscow People’s Militia: reasons and peculiarities of formation Oleg Budnitskiy Pages 3-20
Financing the War. Formation of the state budget of the USSR in 1941–1945 Oleg Khlevnyuk Pages 21-35
Source studies
Colonel G.S. Isserson and his note «On the causes and regularities of the military events of June 1941» Alexey Krivopalov Pages 36-47
RSMA historical records about eastern workers’ (ostarbeiters) acts of resistance in the Third Reich Vladimir Korotaev Pages 48-51
Allies in the fight against Nazism
Origins of the Soviet–French military collaboration: B.M. Simonov’s mission to France (1932–1933) Aleksander Vershinin Pages 52-66
Organization of interaction with allies in the framework of the northern convoys during the Second World War Evgeniy Guriev Pages 67-76
«My visit to Russia»: Clementine Churchill’s trip to the USSR in spring of 1945 Irina Bystrova Pages 77-94
Professional community
Soviet justice during the Great Patriotic War. A historiographical overview Arsenii Starkov Pages 95-107
History of power
The clergy, believers and authorities in the territory of the USSR liberated from the Nazis in 1944–1946 Ivan Petrov Pages 108-116
Аnti-church campaign in the early 1960s in Chuvashia Andrew Berman Pages 117-134
Russia and the world
The crisis of relations between the Russian and Constantinople churches in the mid-1920s and Soviet foreign policy Alexander Mazyrin Pages 135-147
Granting autocephaly to the Orthodox Church in America and Moscow-Constantinople relations Andrey Kostryukov Pages 148-155
Ideas and images
«Studying the region from the military point»: Russian officers and intellectual development of the North Caucasus during the Caucasus War Tatiana Kolosovskaya Pages 156-163
Potential rivals and allies of Russia on the pages of the magazine «Razvedtchik» at the turn of the XIX–XX centuries Artyom Chernilovskiy Pages 164-172
Institutes and communities
«The staff is abundant, there is no order again»: on the history of separation of the Institute of History of The Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union in 1968 Nikita Pivovarov / Vitaliy Tikhonov Pages 173-184
Rec. ad op.: Konfessional’naya politika Vremennogo pravital’stva Rossii. Moscow, 2018 Sergey Leonov Pages 185-187
Rec. ad op.: Otdeleniye Tserkvi ot gosudarstva i shkoly ot Tserkvi v Sovetskoy Rossii. Oktyabr' 1917 – 1918 g. Sbornik dokumentov. Moscow, 2016 Gleb Zapalskiy Pages 188-191
Church life on the Middle Don in 1917–1930 Julia Biryukova / Vladimir Ter-Arakelyants Pages 192-194
Point or ellipsis? A new book about the fate of the Baltic exarch Metropolitan of Vilna and Lithuania Sergius (Voskresensky) Ivan Petrov Pages 194-197
Notes on the war of annihilation. Eastern front of 1941–1942 in the memoirs of General Heinrici Alexander Kuzminykh Pages 198-202
The Liberation of the Northern Norway Elizaveta Khatanzeiskaya Pages 202-204
Rec. ad op.: M.S. Zinich. Povsednevnaya zhizn’ naroda v gody Velikoy Otechestvennoy voyny. Moscow, 2019 Aislu Kabirova / Elena Khramkova Pages 205-209
From comprehension of the system to reconstruction of a separate fate: About the book of R. Otto and R. Keller «Soviet prisoners of war in the system of concentration camps» Ekaterina Kiseleva Pages 210-217
The Executioners from Polish Trawniki Aleksandr Puchenkov Pages 218-220
Vosstanovleniie sel’skogo khoziaystva Belarusi: 1943–1945: dokumenty i materialy. Minsk, 2018 Ravilya Khisamutdinova Pages 220-225
The latest investigation about the Russian anarchism Anatoly Shtyrbul Pages 226-228
Who are the millenials, how different they are from the previous generations Apollon Davidson Pages 229-233

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