Issue 3

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  • Issue number: 3

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The historian's opinion
The population of Russia in 1939–1945 Valentina Zhiromskaya / Vladimir Isupov / Gennadiy Kornilov Pages 3-17
The Problems of studying the population of Russia during the Great Patriotic War Evgeny Krinko Pages 18-28
In search of truth: regional characteristics of the analysis of demographic changes in the population of Russia in 1939–1945 Vadim Rakachev Pages 29-36
Health care in the rear during the Great Patriotic War Natalia Aralovets Pages 36-43
On the scale and conditions of evacuation during World War II Sergey Maksudov Pages 44-48
Peoples and spaces
Demographic changes in the USSR in the 1940s – early 1950s Vasiliy Popov Pages 49-64
Urban population of Western Siberia in 1960–1980s: dynamics of mortality reasons and of life expectancy Odon Dishinamzhilov / Victoria V. Lygdenova Pages 65-79
Fleet of the Russian Empire
V.M. Golovnin and the selection of participants in the circumnavigation on the sloop «Kamchatka» Dmitriy Kopelev Pages 80-91
Institutes and communities
A.S. Pushkin and his descendants: legal practices of genealogical identification of nobility Oleg Naumov Pages 92-99
Church and war
Repressions against Believers on the Eve and during the Great Patriotic War, 1939–1945 Oleg Budnitskiy Pages 100-124
The problem of canonical subordination of Orthodox parishes in the occupied territories of the RSFSR: 1941–1942 Ivan Petrov Pages 125-133
Professional community
On the «genocide» concept in contemporary Western historiography Lennart Samuelson Pages 132-140
Collaboration in the occupied Soviet territories: historiography of recent years Irina Makhalova Pages 141-149
Discussing recent books
The classic story of the blockade epic Aleksandr Puchenkov Pages 150-153
Understanding the siege Nikolay Smirnov Pages 153-154
Living history Elena Tverdyukova Pages 154-157
The exciting epic of G.L. Sobolev Nikita Lomagin Pages 157-163
The hierarchy of food supply in besieged Leningrad Mikhail Khodyakov Pages 163-166
Intellectuals in a Blocked City Ivan Petrov Pages 166-167
Understanding based on sources Kirill Boldovskiy Pages 168-169
Rec. ad op.: P.A. Krotov. Rossiyskiy flot na Baltike pri Petre Velikom. Saint Petersburg, 2017 Vladimir Artamonov Pages 170-172
Rec. ad op.: O.R. Ayrapetov. Istoriya vneshney politiki Rossiyskoy imperii. 1801–1914. T. 1. Vneshnyaya politika imperatora Aleksandra I. 1801–1825. Moscow, 2017 Oganes Marinin Pages 173-176
The new book on the Russian Statistical Institutions History Andrey Skrydlov Pages 177-180
Rec. ad op.: K. Pickering Antonova. An ordinary marriage: the world of a gentry family in provincial Russia. N.Y.; Oxford, 2013 Galina Ulianova Pages 180-185
Rec. ad op.: M.A. Kolerov. Arkheologiya russkogo politicheskogo idealizma: 1904–1927. Ocherki i dokumenty. Moscow, 2018 Fyodor Gayda Pages 185-186
Misunderstood stalinism? Vladimir Buldakov Pages 187-195
History of GUPVI in the European North of the USSR Vladislav Goldin Pages 195-199
«Never tried to be a hero» Lyubov' Sidorova Pages 199-203
«Dnevnik E.A. Perettsa» and its present-day publishers Andrey Mamonov Pages 204-211
Pro memoria
Yuriy Stepanovich Kukushkin Galina Naumova Pages 212-214

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