Issue 3

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  • Volume: 64
  • Issue number: 3

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The World at the Beginning of Millennium
World Economy and Energy at the Turn: Search for an Alternative Development Model Elena A. Telegina / Gul’nar Khalova Pages 5-11
Platforms as Multi-Sided Markets of the Digital Age Olga N. Antipina Pages 12-19
Security Problems in Contemporary World
Stop or Deadlock? The U.S. Elites about the INF Crisis Yurii G. Golub / Sergey Shenin Pages 20-28
Challenges of Maintaining the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Daria A. Selezneva Pages 29-35
Europe: New Realities
The Phenomena of Eco-Political Risk Based on Yellow Vests Movement in France Anastasia N. Bordovskikh Pages 36-46
Social Base and Prospects of Populism in Western Countries Mikhail A. Klupt Pages 47-55
At Post-Soviet Space
The Crisis of the Union State of Belarus and Russia Andrey I. Suzdaltsev Pages 56-67
Economy, Economic Theory
Global Value Chains Transformation: Three Industries’ Cases Vladimir B. Kondratyev / Vladimir V. Popov / Galina V. Kedrova Pages 68-79
Arab Investments in Russian Infrastructure Almira Z. Nagimova Pages 80-87
Latin America: State-Owned TNCs Olga V. Cretsu / Anastasia S. Zakhartsova Pages 88-97
Russia: Economics, Politics
Russian Muslim Community in the World Ummah Aleksei V. Malashenko Pages 98-104
Contemporary Problems of Development
Labor Migration Regulation Problems in Modern Russia Viktor V. Komarovsky Pages 105-110
Intra-Regional Migration of Labor Resources in Southeast Asia Nataliya G. Rogozhina Pages 111-119
Around Books
System Analysis of Russia’s Strategy in the Arctic Ekaterina Labetskaya Pages 120-124
From Neoliberalism to Neomercantilism? Leonid G. Fishman Pages 125-129
Non-Western View on World Politics Valery N. Konyshev Pages 130-135
The First Textbook on International Information Security Vyacheslav I. Trubnikov Pages 136-138

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