Issue 9

  • 720 rub.
  • Volume: 63
  • Issue number: 9

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Security Problems in Contemporary World
Precise Long-Range Weapons in Europe: Problems of Limitation and Control Sergey K. Oznobishchev / Konstantin V. Bogdanov Pages 5-13
High-Precision Long-Range Conventional Weapons and Nuclear Arms Control Tatiana B. Anichkina Pages 14-21
For the Jubilee of MGIMO
Diplomacy of the Academic Community: the Past and the Present Anatoly Torkunov Pages 22-28
Modern Megatrends of World Politics Marina M. Lebedeva Pages 29-37
Japanese Regionalism in the Era of Shinzo Abe through the Prism of Value Approach Dmitry Streltsov Pages 38-49
Europe: New Realities
Fight “For” and “Against” Identity in Inner Political Processes: a Conflict between “New Liberals” and Traditionalists Roman N. Lunkin / Sergei B. Filatov Pages 50-60
The Baltic States and Russia in the Context of the Ukrainian Crisis Renal'd Kh. Simonyan Pages 61-68
Development of the European Union – Belarus Relations Fedor A. Basov Pages 69-75
Economy, Economic Theory
European Economic and Monetary Union: 20 Years After Victor Ya. Pishchik / Аleksei Kuznetsov / Petr V. Alekseev Pages 76-85
Official Development Aid: Trends of the Last Decade Aleksandra К. Morozkina Pages 86-92
Greater Middle East
States of the Middle East in Search of Foreign Policy Identity Irina D. Zvyagelskaya / Nikolay Kozhanov / Irina A. Svistunova / Nikolay Y. Surkov Pages 93-103
Arctic: New Region of World Policy
Assessment of Threats Related to Maritime Crimes in the Arctic Andrei A. Todorov Pages 104-111
The Changing Arctic: Vision of Prospecs for Sustainable Development of Northern Regions Alexey Kuznetsov / Elena N. Nikitina / Yulia A. Baronina Pages 112-117
Social Problems
Youth Labour Market: European Experience in Russian Context Marina G. Khokhlova Pages 118-128

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