Issue 4

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  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

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Special Theme of the Issue : The Economy of Informal Use of Natural Resources in the North, Siberia, and Far East (guest editors V. N. Davydov and T. N. Zhuravskaia)
The State and the Use of Resources: Introduction Vladimir N. Davydov / Tatiana N. Zhuravskaia Pages 5-12
The Danger of Natural Resource Use: Fishery, King Crab and Nostalgia for the State in the Barents Region Kseniia A. Gavrilova Pages 13-28
Calling upon the State: “Illegal” Gold-Mining in the Russian Far East Tatiana N. Zhuravskaia / Natalia P. Ryzhova Pages 29-44
Fishermen and Supervisory Instances on the Ob’ River: Law Enforcement in the Shadow of Local Rules of the Game Lidia Rakhmanova Pages 45-60
Infrastructure beyond the State: “Wild” Winter Roads and Export of Fishery and Hunting Goods in the Taimyr Peninsula Valeria Vasilyeva Pages 61-75
Informal Land Use in Northern Baikal: Extraction of Bioresources in “Free Spaces” Vladimir N. Davydov Pages 76-88
Beverages, Traditions, and Social Status
Ireland, Brittany, and Alcohol: An Anatomy of a Complicated Story Yann Bévant Pages 89-102
French Wines: A Totem Drink of the Transnational Elite? Boris Petric Pages 103-113
Beverages as Social Markers in Sicily: Traditions of Consumption and Preferences Oxana D. Fais-Leutskaia Pages 114-130
“Ethnological Expert Assessment”: A Continuation of the Discussion Alexei Novozhilov / Nikolay Vakhtin / Sergey Artsemovich / Julia Rozhkova / Slava Kovalsky / Dmitriy А. Funk Pages 131-154
Research Articles
“While Sabetta’s Construction Is Being Completed”: Practices of Spontaneous Museumification in the Landscape of Revitalization of the Tura River Waterfront in Tyumen Michail G. Agapov / Fedor S. Korandei Pages 155-172
Oikonyms and Ethnonyms in Dagestan Hizri Amirkhanov Pages 173-183
Review of Praying with the Senses: Contemporary Orthodox Christian Spirituality in Practice, edited by S. Luehrmann Alexander Agadjanian Pages 184-187
Review of Religion and Radicalism in the Post-Secular World, edited by E.I. Filippova and J. Radvanyi Nikita Kutyavin Pages 187-190
Review of Aborigines of the Greater Antilles in the Colonial Society (Late 15th – Mid-16th Centuries), by E.G. Aleksandrenkov Denis V. Vorobiev Pages 191-194
Review of Ethiopia: Aspects of Federalism, by R.N. Ismagilova Inna Rybalkina Pages 194-197
In memoriam
Georgii Nikolaevich Chagin (24.04.1944 – 10.11.2018) A. Belavin / I. Podiukov / Aleksandr Chernykh Pages 198-199

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