Issue 1

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Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The historian’s opinion
From the First World War to Civil Wars (1917? — 1922?) Boris Kolonitskiy Pages 3-24
Civil war in Russia: essence, periodization, features Sergey Leonov Pages 24-36
Civil war. Conflict without chronology? Ruslan Gagkuyev Pages 37-42
Civil war and intervention on the outskirts of Russia
Britain and the Opening of Intervention in Russia in the First Half of 1918 Evgeny Sergeev Pages 43-59
Chinese Volunteers in the Russian Civil War: between the Reds and the Whites Yuysin Chzhan / Ruslan Gagkuyev Pages 60-71
Peoples and spaces
Historical geography of Meshchera of the 14th–17th centuries Andrey Belyakov Pages 72-85
Source studies
The background metric accounting in Russia (XVII – the first half of the 18th century) Dmitriy Pshenitsyn / Marina Cherkasova Pages 86-102
Professional community
University scientist Andrey Golikov Pages 103-108
Academician’s archive Tatiana Kruglova Pages 108-109
The man of the old system of views and new horizons of historical science Andrey Sakharov Pages 109-112
At the head of the scientific council Margarita Vandalkovskaya Pages 112-113
Meetings with I.D. Kovalchenko Valentin Shelokhayev Pages 114-115
In line with global trends Lyubov' Sidorova Pages 116-116
School of Excellence Irina Potkina Pages 117-118
Some reflections on the sixtieth anniversary of the Symposium on the agricultural history of Eastern Europe Elena Shveykovskaya Pages 119-126
Institutes and communities
«Came down in Siberia»: the migration of the population of Yarensky patrimony of the Vologda Archbishop’s house in the 17th century Nikita Bashnin Pages 127-145
Land in the views and life arrangement of the rural parish clergy of the Vologda diocese in the 1860–1870s Anton Vsevolodov Pages 146-160
The fraternal library of the Donskoy Monastery in the late XIX – early XX centuries Mariya Artyushenko Pages 161-178
Local Council of 1917–1918 and the attitude of the Orthodox Church to the Soviet government and its religious policy Anatoliy Kashevarov Pages 179-190
Congresses of Christians-Molokans, 1921–1929 Viktoriya Batchenko Pages 191-196
The preparation of Moscow Conference of heads and representatives of Local Orthodox Churches in 1948 Andrey Kostryukov Pages 197-206
Soviet in style, religious in contents. Letters from believers to authorities during the late Socialism Nadezhda Belyakova Pages 207-214
Rec. ad op.: N.V. Rybalko, E.G. Dmitrieva. Solikamskiy arkhiv: rekonstruktsiia i istochnikovedcheskiy analiz (1605–1608 gody). Volgograd, 2017 Alexey Morokhin Pages 215-218
Rec. ad op.: V.A. Voropanov. Sud i pravosudie v provintsii Rossiiskogo gosudarstva v XVI – pervoi polovine XVIII v. (na primere oblastei Povolzh’ia, Urala i Zapadnoi Sibiri). Moscow, 2017 Evgeniy Krestiannikov Pages 218-220
Siberian Old Believers: outside state support and custody Yuliya Borovik Pages 221-224
Fundamental work on the Russian Civil War in the North Andrey Ganin Pages 225-227
Rec. ad op.: Sovetskaya Rossia v bor’be za «Afganskiy koridor» (1919–1925). Sbornik dokumentov. Moscow, 2017 Vladimir Plastun Pages 228-231

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