Issue 12

  • 792 rub.
  • Volume: 64
  • Issue number: 12

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Security Problems in Contemporary World
Ultra-Right Terrorism in the West in the 21st Century: Trends and Features Andrei Yashlavskii Pages 5-14
Iran’s Nuclear Program – Past, Present and Uncertain Future Anatoly S. Diyakov Pages 15-24
Problem of International Information Security in the UN Nataliya P. Romashkina Pages 25-32
Economy, Economic Theory
China’s Exchange Rate Policy: Forty Years of Reforms and Prospects Inna Kudryashova Pages 33-43
Potential Competitiveness of Pound in Post-Crisis World Аleksei Kuznetsov Pages 44-53
Pay Systems in Public Sector of Oecd Countries Olga Bogacheva / Oleg Smorodinov Pages 54-62
Integrated Studies at IMEMO
Free Migration of Factors of Production: EU Experience Viktor Y. Tatuzov Pages 63-69
USA: Politics and Society
U.S. – China Technological Rivalry: from “Arrogance” to Boycott Sergei S. Dmitriev Pages 70-77
Europe: New Realities
German Federal Republic and Crisis in Syria: Active Mediator or Passive Observer? N. Pavlov / Karina Y. Khderi Pages 78-86
Visegrad Four and Development of European Integration Fedor A. Basov Pages 87-95
The World at the Beginning of Millennium
Sino-European Relations in Greater Eurasia Olga A. Vorkunova / Anna A. Khotivrishvili / Anatoly Tsvyk / Marina A. Shpakovskaya Pages 96-104
Migration in Contemporary World
Poland’s Migration Policy: Formation of Paradigm (1989–2019) Valentina Vedeneeva Pages 105-112
Africa Today and Tomorrow
A New Epoch in the Development of Russian-African Cooperation Sergey N. Volkov Pages 113-122
“The Common Spaces”
Century-Long Evolution of the Svalbard’s Legal Regime: Unresolved Issues Andrei A. Todorov Pages 123-132
Politics and Society
What Is Political Corruption Yuliy A. Nisnevich Pages 133-138

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