Issue 12

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  • Volume: 63
  • Issue number: 12

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The World at the Beginning of Millennium
Globalization vs Nation State: The Retrogradation? Kirill G. Kholodkovskii Pages 5-14
Economy, Economic Theory
Governmental Programs of Small Business Support in the USA Viсtoria V. Zabolotskaya Pages 15-22
Financial Integration of Asian Nations: Regional Dimension Stanislav V. Nozdrev Pages 23-31
Unemployment Benefits and Labour Market in OECD and Russia Nina T. Vishnevskaya / Anna Zudina Pages 32-41
Digital Transformation in the Socio-Labor Sphere: New Challenges and Opportunities Liudmila F. Lebedeva Pages 42-49
Security Problems in Contemporary World
Nuclear Deterrence: Concepts and Risks Vladimir Z. Dvorkin Pages 50-55
Hybrid Wars – between Myth and Reality Valery N. Konyshev / Roman V. Parfenov Pages 56-66
American and Chinese Concepts of Utilizing Space Assets for Solving Military and Political Issues Evgeniya V. Drozhashchikh Pages 67-76
Synthetic Biology: Modern Challenges and Problems of Biosafety Sergei K. Zavriev / Igor G. Shemyakin Pages 77-83
Europe: New Realities
Greece and Cyprus amidst Debt Crisis: a Comparative Study Artemii S. Bobrov Pages 84-89
Africa today and tomorrow
Russia’s New Strategy in the African Direction Irina O. Abramova / Leonid L. Fituni Pages 90-100
The Transformation of the ISIS’s Strategy in Libya Aleksei M. Vasiliev / Natalia Zherlitsyna Pages 101-108
Countries and Regions
Devolution as an Instrument of Sustainable Development of Canadian Statehood Maria Solyanova Pages 109-119
Around Books
Sweden and the Cold War: Achievements and Lessons for the XXIst Century Konstantin V. Voronov Pages 120-125
A Fruitful Step in the Development of the Russian Theory of International Organizations Alexander E. Kuteynikov Pages 126-131

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