Issue 1

  • 720 rub.
  • Volume: 63
  • Issue number: 1

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Security Problems in Contemporary World
Intangible Matter Aleksei G. Arbatov Pages 5-17
Russian-Chinese Strategic Partnership and North Korean Nuclear and Missile Issue Vasily V. Mikheev / Sergei Ignat’ev Pages 18-24
The World at the Beginning of Millennium
Globalization and Structural Changes in the World Economy Vladimir Varnavskii Pages 25-33
Dynamics of International Alliances in an Unbalanced World Structure Igor Istomin / Andrey Baykov Pages 34-48
Economy, Economic Theory
Global Value Chains in Industries: Common and Specific Features Vladimir B. Kondratyev Pages 49-58
Russia and Kazakhstan in Doing Business Ranking Svetlana Musienko / Aizhan Tulepbekova Pages 59-66
Financing Sports: Foreign Practices Ilya Solntsev / Nikita Osokin / Andrew Vlasov Pages 67-74
USA: Politics and Society
National Food Assistance System in the USA Oksana Bogaevskaya Pages 75-82
Arctic: New Region of World Policy
Northern Sea Route in Arctic Policy of Russia Maksim Gutenev Pages 83-87
Arctic and Development of Far Eastern Cluster of Russian Shipbuilding Aleksey A. Kravchuk Pages 88-93
Migration in Contemporary World
Problem of Forced Migration: View from Beijing Helena Soboleva Pages 94-102
Integration of Refugees in Europe: Employment as a Priority Valentina Vedeneeva Pages 103-111
Academic Event
Reformating the System of International Relations in Pacific Asia: Vectors and Dynamics of Changes (Part II) Andrey Ryabov Pages 112-122
Around Books
The Old World and Modern Russia: Evolutionary and Institutional Specifics of Civil Society-XXI Igor Bocharnikov Pages 123-128

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