Issue 6

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  • Issue number: 6
  • Issue theme: New Rurality in Present - Day Russia: Institutions, Practices, and Social Interaction

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The Village in Urban Projections of Modern Russians Ekaterina Melnikova Pages 5-11
Modern Museums of the Russian Village: Production of Rurality by Ex-Urban Residents Pavel Kupriyanov / Natalia Savina Pages 12-30
Paradise Lost: Nostalgia and Commemoration in the Songs about the Native Village Mikhail Lurie Pages 31-51
Models of Rural Life in Russian Ecovillages Julia Andreeva Pages 52-69
House-in-the-Village for Escape and Survival: Utopia of Rural Autonomy in the Popular Futurology of Disasters Tatiana Shchepanskaia Pages 70-87
The Biographies of Urban-Rural Move and the Rhetoric of Self-Transformation in Present-Day Russia Ekaterina Melnikova Pages 88-105
Multi-Sited Ethnography Yesterday and Today: A Conversation with George Marcus Alexei Elfimov Pages 106-126
Visual Anthropology
The “Marxist Ethno-Film” of Vladimir Bogoraz Ivan Golovnev Pages 127-144
Research Articles
On the Genealogy of Preparedness for Daily Threats in Russia in the 1990s Asya Karaseva Pages 145-162
The Museum of Death as an Institution of Memory: The Museumified Past and Modern Memorial Practices Elena Danilko Pages 163-179
From Ethnographic to Agricultural Tourism: Asian Village in the Eyes of Europeans Aleksandr Orishev Pages 180-193
Book Reviews
Review of Vavle Neniang (Vauli Piettomin): istoriko-etnograficheskie ocherki [Vavle Naniang (Vauli Piettomin): Historical and Ethnographic Essays], by G.P. Khariuchi Yuri Kvashnin Pages 194-198
Review of Crisis and Coloniality at Europe’s Margins: Creating Exotic Iceland, by K. Loftsdóttir Irina Kucherova Pages 198-202

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