Issue 1

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  • Issue number: 1

Table of contents

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Special Theme of the Issue: “Life after Death”: A Cross-Cultural Aspect of the Postmortal (guest editor I.A. Morozov)
Death and Posthumous Existence in Social Strategies: Why People Create Rules for Communicating with the Dead [Smert’ i posmertnoe sushchestvovaniie v sotsial’nykh strategiiakh: zachem liudi sozdaiut pravila obshcheniia s mertvymi] Igor Morozov Pages 5-10
“The Rules of Death”: Concepts of “Improper Dead Man” and “Improper Burial” in the Toolkit of Social and Political Technologies [“Pravila smerti”: kontsepty “nepravil’nyi mertvets” i “nepravil’noe pogrebenie” v instrumentarii sotsial’nykh i politicheskikh tekhnologii] Igor Morozov / Lilia A. Tkachuk Pages 11-26
The Spirit Left; Yet the Spirit Stayed: On the Present State of Chinese’s Traditional Notions of the Dead [Dukh ushel; dukh ostalsia: o sovremennom sostoianii traditsionnykh predstavlenii kitaitsev ob umershem cheloveke] Alexei А. Zakurdaev Pages 27-41
Commemoration Ceremonies among the Datoga in the Context of the Unified Social Space of the Living and the Dead: An Ethological Analysis [Pominal’nye tseremonii u datoga v kontekste edinogo sotsial’nogo prostranstva zhivykh i mertvykh: etologicheskii analiz] Marina L. Butovskaya / Daria A. Dronova Pages 42-64
“Private Territory”: Burial Ground in the Field of Social Interaction [“Chastnaia territoriia”: mesto zakhoroneniia v pole sotsial’nykh vzaimodeistvii] Elena G. Chesnokova Pages 65-78
Identity Studies
Tatars of Modern Tashkent: Ethnic Identity in the Context of Social Transformations [Tatary sovremennogo Tashkenta: etnicheskaia identichnost’ v kontekste sotsial’nykh transformatsii] Gulnara F. Gabdrakhmanova / Elvina Sagdieva Pages 79-96
Myanmar: How to Escape from the Identity Trap [M’ianma: kak vybrat’sia iz lovushki identichnostei] François Robinne Pages 97-116
Archaelogical Sources in Ethnography
On the Uyghur Component in the Formation of the Kimäk Tribal Union [Ob uigurskom komponente v slozhenii Kimakskogo plemennogo soiuza] Nikolai Seregin / Vladimir V. Tishin Pages 117-133
The Comparison of the Archaeological and Ethnographic Sources Used in Studying the Old Russian Costume in Works by Russian Archaeologists [Sopostavlenie arkheologicheskikh i etnograficheskikh istochnikov v izuchenii drevnerusskogo kostiuma v trudakh otechestvennykh arkheologov] Yuliya Stepanova Pages 134-148
Research Articles
The Representation of Labour Migrants in the Russian Media [Obrazy trudovykh migrantov v rossiiskikh massmedia] Irina V. Ivleva / Alexander V. Tavrovskiy Pages 149-165
Kyrgyz National Felt Products: Modern Transformations [Kyrgyzskiie natsional’nye voilochnye izdeliia: sovremennye transformatsii] Žaparov Amantur / Kayrat Belek / Aiday Asangulova Pages 166-180
Review of Sex, Love, and Migration: Postsocialism, Modernity, and Intimacy from Istanbul to the Arctic, by A. Bloch. Olga N. Podlesnykh Pages 181-183
Review of An Arctic Indigenous Knowledge System of Landscape, Climate, and Human Interactions: Evenki Reindeer Herders and Hunters, by A. Lavrillier and S. Gabyshev Anna A. Sirina Pages 184-188

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