Issue 1-2

This issue of the Studies in Transcendental Philosophy is dedicated to the phenomenon of reflection, which is an unavoidable topic and a problem of philosophy. For example, reflection is one of the main methods of transcendentalism, partly explicitly articulated, partly implied, but nevertheless necessary. The complexity of its study is determined by the fact that reflection is closely intertwined with other transcendental concepts such as self-consciousness, comprehension, the unity of transcendental apperception, etc. The articles of this issue discuss these aspects. The volume is divided in three parts. The first part, Reflection in Transcendental Tradition, examines reflection in transcendental philosophy, primarily in Kant’s theoretical philosophy and Husserl’s phenomenology. The second part, Reflection as a methodology of analysis and cognition, outlines a broader context and takes reflection as a method of cognition and human activity. The articles in this section mostly follow the approach to reflection, which was developed within the Soviet methodological school, primarily in the works of G.P. Shchedrovitsky, A.M. Rozov, etc. The third part, Reflection and Eastern Philosophy, brings the problems of reflection into a broad cultural and historical context by exploring the possibility of reflection in different traditions of Eastern philosophical thought.

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