Studies in Transcendental Philosophy

ISSN: 2713-2668

The goal of the international academic journal “Studies in Transcendental Philosophy” is providing and maintaining a common communication space for researchers in the field of transcendental philosophy and other knowledge related
to it. We define transcendental philosophy, first of all, as the I. Kant’s project of transcendental philosophy and its reception (development) in post-Kant philosophical thought. In accordance with, three main lines of the contemporary
development of Kantian transcendentalism can be distinguished:

  • -development of the Kantian project of transcendental philosophy;
  • -neo-Kantian philosophy and its contemporary development;
  • -E. Husserl's phenomenological project and its contemporary development.
Also, in a wider sense, transcendentalism can be characterized as philosophical reflection on transcendental conditions of the possibility of experience, which can be related with rising to Kant how–possible question “How is Х possible?” ithin the framework of this understanding, transcendentalism can be related to the metaphysics dating back to Plato and Aristotle, directed towards searching for the “first causes/principles” of existence, which in the Middle Ages was developed in the transcendental metaphysics (metaphysics as a transcendental science (scientia transcendens)) of Duns Scott and F. Suarez, and in post–Kantian time — in the transcendental pragmatics of C. Pierce and K.-O. Apel, and other doctrines. The journal is primarily focused on the following philosophical specialties of the Higher Attestation Commission: 09.00.01 (ontology and theory of knowledge), 09.00.03 (history of philosophy), 09.00.08 (philosophy of science and technology). However, since the transcendental method is “the altered method of our way of thinking [KPR, BXVIII], the subject of the journal covers other philosophical specialties applied to transcendental studies, namely: 09.00.04 (aesthetics), 09.00. 05 (ethics), 09.00.07 (logic), 09.00.11 (social philosophy), 09.00.13 (philosophical anthropology, philosophy of culture), 09.00.14 (philosophy of religion and religious studies).